It is no secret that what marvels the mind most when choosing a book will be the cover. More often than not, it’s the representation of the great absurdity or adventures that laid ahead within the story; the snapshot of all that a book could offer. So, really, there is no shame in judging a book by its cover. Today, we listed 11 books with most elegant covers that might sweep you off your feet!

 The Great Gatsby


Photo: Courtesy of Scribner

The Great Gatsby is an all-time cult-favorite that is loved and adored by readers all over the globe. It’s romantic and brilliant in almost every possible way. The story revolves around the passionate romance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. The book itself is eloquent and beautifully written with elegant English prose that awestruck the readers. The cover, on the other hand, is a subtly beautiful portrayal of the mood on the overall story; dazzling and melancholic.

A Parisian Affair and Other Stories


Photo: Courtesy of Penguin Classics

Guy de Maupassant was one of the most brilliant short story writers that ever lived. In this book, readers are graced with thirty-five beautifully written stories about women, prostitutes, and playboy in 1880s France. The cover boldly portrayed a painting of a woman capturing the entire mood of this book.

The World According to Bertie


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“The World According to Bertie” is the fourth installment in the '44 Scotland Street’ series by Alexander McCall Smith. What started out as a periodic novel published on a Scottish newspaper, the story gained a massive amount of popularity resulting in over twelve books published so far compiling every episode of the series. The cover boasts a mere glance of Bertie Pollock’s innocent mind, whose life was controlled by his possessive mother demanding her to be excellent in everything she desires.

 Play It as It Lays


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Play It as It Lays by Joan Didion is one of the most excruciating, ruthless, and disturbing books you’ll ever come across. It captured the ecstatic depression of a not-so famous actress, Maria Wyeth, whose life unfold to the gloomiest point possible. It is about the cruel yet extravagant life of Hollywood, the movie industry, and the violent that comes with them. The cover reveals snapshots of Maria, her complex mind, and a snake. For those who are infatuated to the amazingly disturbing life of Hollywood in the 1960s, this one is a must-read!

 The Stranger


Photo: Courtesy of Vintage International

The Stranger by Albert Camus tells a story about an ordinary man living in Algiers who is unwillingly drawn to a senseless murder on the Algerian beach. It is, in a way, a manifesto of Camus’ views on absurdism and the terrible and hollow ennui of the world he lived in. The cover portrays a simplistic statement of the unpredictability that is offered in this book.

The Catcher in the Rye


Photo: Courtesy of Back Bay Books

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is one of the most well-known classic books of all time. It tells a story about young Holden Caulfield and the anomalies that happens around him. The book perfectly captures the entire mood of an angsty youth at the time. The cover depicts a beautifully drawn horse which holds a significant value to the story.

Six Tragedies


Photo: Courtesy of Oxford University Press

Six Tragedies by Seneca contains six accurately translated Greek plays by one of the most influential Latin writers, Seneca, who was the mentor of Nero, the last Roman empire of Julio-Claudian dynasty. The cover depicts broken pieces of painted walls symbolizing the fact that Seneca was the only Roman playwright whose work survived up until this point. It is beautiful and tragic in its own way.



Photo: Courtesy of New Directions

W.G. Sebald has some of the most complicated works you’ll ever read. His works were absurd, delightful, and takes a little while to get used to – and he took pride in it. “Vertigo” consists of two factual meditations on writers, and two apparently factual trips the narrator had. The cover is beautiful, simplistic, and, in a way, ironic to the overall theme of his writing style.



Photo: Courtesy of Riverhead Books

Refuge by Dina Nayeri is a bold and very honest contemporary work that looks on contemporary refugee experience. The book tells a story about an Iranian girl who escaped to America, while her father didn’t. It is a melancholic coming-of-age story about a woman and his father, and the obstacles that come as the story unfolds. The cover is simplistic, beautiful and has significant meaning to the story later on.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine


Photo: Courtesy of Pamela Dorman Books

Eleanor Oliphant by Gail Honeyman is a spontaneous introverted girl who is nothing more than ordinary. Her life changes as she meets Raymond after saving an old man, Sammy, from falling on a sidewalk. It is a beautifully written story about a girl who’s growing out of her comfort zone, with a lesson yet to be learned. Accompanied by an elegant depiction of her on the cover, this is a perfect book for you to enjoy on long summer days or a dimly lit atmospheric long night.

 How to Dress for Success


Photo: Courtesy of Harry N. Abrams

Edith Head, the author of the book, was one of the most well-known costume designers in America. She dressed many of the most elegant Hollywood stars of all time, such as Audrey Hepburn, Rosemary Clooney, and Veronica Lake. This book reflected on her style, her fashion advices, and most of all, her blatant persona and the minimalist cover captured it rather well.


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