From a rainbow-inspired theme to carefully styled flat lays, follow these accounts for some inspiration on revamping your own feed or to simply admire their artistry.


  1. @lauraponts

Photo: Courtesy of @lauraponts

From colour-coding her fruits to neatly placing them in an organized manner for a shot, Spanish food stylist Laura López's feed is deeply satisfying for those with a touch of OCD.

Follow her at @lauraponts


2. @rymondtn

Photo: Courtesy of @rymondtn

Melbourne-based self-taught baker, Rymond, has an eye for detail and it shows in his carefully laid-out masterpieces that come in the shape of beautifully decorated cake pops. 

Follow him at @rymondtn


3. @wrightkitchen

Photo: Courtesy of @wrightkitchen

Instagram is a space for the creative, and photographer and artist Brittany Wright from San Diego owns the space with her serious knack for creating a rainbow feed filled with everyday items styled in an ombre format.

Follow her at @wrightkitchen


4. @agiputraaspian

Photo: Courtesy of @agiputraaspian

Indonesia-based Agi Putra Aspian's consistent colour palette is dreamy—especially if you're into gorgeous flat lays featuring everything from adorable baby clothes to delicious meals and the latest tech gadgets.

Follow him at @agiputraaspian


5. @mr_tk

Photo: Courtesy of @mr_tk

The checkered pattern on Hong Kong's @mr_tk's Instagram feed breaks up images of high-end and rare watches with photos of cars, artworks (he's a big Kaws fan) and sneakers. The media-shy publisher, car collector and Ferrari distributor is meticulous with his posts, and it shows.

Follow him at @mr_tk



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