The year is coming to a close and the curtain folds drops in front of all the brilliant Indonesian movies and entertainment we had throughout the year. So to celebrate another year of excellent progress in the industry, what a better way to do it than to recall all the good times we had and appreciate it with a magnificent award night specifically designed to appreciate all the good people that made 2018 wonderful? If you missed out on the whole fun of the Indonesian Oscars, Piala Citra Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) 2018, read our highlights below to catch up on all the best moments.

‘Marlina’ took 10 awards overnight

The brilliant film Marlina Si Pembunuh Dalam Empat Babak was a national phenomenon that left both local and global audiences awestruck—so much that it succeeded in earning more than 10 awards last night. The awards won included Female Leading Role, Female Supporting Role, Original Script Writer, Cinematography, Best Movie, and many others.

Gading Marten earned his first awards

The world went like a whirlwind in reverse for Gading Marten, who received his very first award right after his sad divorce from Gisella Anastasia. Beating Adipati Dolken and Iqbaal Ramadhan in the Best Actor category, Gading stated that the award is the best Christmas present he has received.

Nicholas Saputra won an award without attending the show

Nicholas Saputra’s role in Aruna Dan Lidahnya has definitely swept many off their feet with both his charms and acting chops. Although, for now, the actor is taking another role out of the country, distance hasn’t stopped him from earning the Best Male Supporting Role award.

Widyawati’s receives Lifetime Achievement award

The road to success and recognition is never easy, especially in the entertainment industry. For more than five decades, legendary actress Widyawati has paved her career and moulded her reputation into a high-calibre actress. With that much commitment, she has every right to earn a Lifetime Achievement award. She also gave a heartwarming speech about her journey and how important her mother played in it.

Kemdikbud gave several billion rupiah for the event

Kemdikbud, or the Ministry of Education and Culture, funded the FFI 2018 with no small budget. And even with billions of rupiah at hand, the Chief of Movie Central Development from Kemdikbud stated that it was not enough. The money was used to support the event, give awards, and hand out scholarships that come with this event.



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