Whether you are expecting some thrilling horror or light entertainment to entertain you this October, we have rounded up these five films that you can't miss. Movie buffs, sit tight!

A Star Is Born

A remake of an old film with the same title, A Star Is Born premiered on October 5. Featuring Lady Gaga in her first big-screen debut, the dramatic musical stars Bradley Cooper, who also serves as director and who tells the love story between a bitter actress and an actor. With a lot of buzz going on around this film—one of which surrounds Lady Gaga’s terrific performance and her Oscar nomination—we can’t wait to see how this film will pan out. 

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We have had a couple of superhero films this year, and another one to add to the list is Sony Pictures’ Venom. Based on a Marvel Comics character, Venom is well known among comic book fans and tells the story of an alien symbiote that gives journalist Eddie Brock superpowers. Starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, the new film has gained strong approval from fans worldwide (and from this editor too!). Go and watch it!



Watch out, Michael Myers is back! Yes, the classic slasher character from 1978 is back once again, this time appearing some 40 years after the original film. Laurie Strode, the franchise solo saviour, comes to confront Michael Myers for one last time. Well, we’ll see about the so-called final show, but, as slasher fans, I know I am excited.


Another remake to grace our October is the Italian horror flick Suspiria, which has received its very own Hollywood remake. Directed by Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino, the film will see Dakota Johnson as Sussie Banion and Tilda Swinton as Madame Blanc face the horror in a world-renowned dance academy. Set to release on October 26.

3 Dara 2

If you’re looking for an Indonesian film to watch this October, then prepare yourself for 3 Dara 2. The sequel to the 2015 comedy still stars Tora Sudiro, Adipati Dolken, and Tanta Ginting, and is directed by Monty Tiwa.

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