With all our chores, assignments, meetings, and deadlines, it is easy for us to forget what made us feel adventurous when we were kids. That’s what books are for: you can escape your overwhelming life to a sweet, challenging, and romantic world of fiction with these amazing books written by Indonesian authors, all released this year.

‘Perempuan Bersampur Merah’ by Intan Andaru


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The tragedy of 1998 will never be forgotten by Indonesians. Even decades after the event, some still attempt to find solace. This latest book by Intan Andaru, entitled Perempuan Bersampur Merah or The Woman in the Red Scarf, released on January 7, tells the tragic story of a survivor of the events named Sari, who tries to find answers to her family’s demise with two of her friends, Ahmad and Rama. Sweet and provocative, this story drags readers into a whirlwind of disturbing yet pleasant emotional delights.

‘Pergilah Pulang’ by Carmantyo

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Carmantyo successfully captures the excruciating pain of missing someone you loved, namely a significant other. Pergilah Pulang or Go Home by Carmantyo, will be released on February 11 and tells the tale about a writer named Guntur who has to travel 3,572km to see the woman he adores, Rintik. But when Rintik got to the UK, Guntur has to up his game and travel 11,890km to see her. If you’re in the mood for a touch of romance, then this book will surely please you.

‘Kina’ by Maudy Ayunda


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After her success with the inspiring Dear Tomorrow: Notes To Future Self, actress and singer—and also a Generation T honouree—Maudy Ayunda continues to inspire everyone with her creativity. This time, Maudy is releasing a set of bilingual children books written in English and Indonesian. The series will be published as four books entitled Kina and Her Fluffy Bunny, Kina Makes a New Friend, Kina Wishes for a Pet, and Kina Misses Her Grandparents. The first book is available for pre-order.

‘Dhirga’ by Natalia Tan


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Cold, dashing, and mysterious, British-Indonesian student council president Dhirga Alpha Pratama has always been in the spotlight and the centre of attention at his school. Everything seems to have been considered and planned in advance for him. That is until Alexa Adelia Tanuwijaya comes and meddles in his life. Unlike everyone, Alexa knows that Dhirga’s life is not as perfect as it seems and that he’s been repressing his true self to the public. Dhirga by Natalia Tan, which was released on January 7, perfectly tells the tale of a high-school romance that will take readers back to the time they first fell in love.

‘Complicated’ by Griertoast


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Things don’t always go as planned when you’re in a family, let alone a broken one. Complicated by Griertoast, released on January 7, tells the story of two siblings who are not so fond of each other. With Nathanael Gabriel Alexander, who nurses a hatred of his sister for a tragic past event, and the sister, Clarensia Karenina Alexander, who tries to put up with her brother while battling a chronic disease, things get frustrating for both of them. A sweet and melancholy story.


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