The Indonesian music scene is ever-changing, given that more and more musicians and bands are teaming up and performing in every corner of this country.! Last week, we have showedgave you our picks for young solo Indonesian singers that are on the rise here, and now it’s time for young music groups. From pop guitar acoustics to groovy rock and roll, these five rising Indonesian music bands will surely boost your mood and make your day a little bit better. Check them out below!


With two albums under their belt, GAC is an Indonesian pop band that has managed to sneak up the music charts and into our hearts. Made up of siblings Gamaliel Tapiheru and Audrey Tapiheru along with Cantika Abigail, GAC started when Gamal and Audrey uploaded their music videos to YouTube way back in 2008. A year later, Cantika discovered the siblings and became interested in collaborating, and in 2010 they were signed to Sony Music Indonesia. With hit singles like “Bahagia”, “Suara” and “Galih & Ratna”, the trio creates songs incorporating R&B and pop-dance elements.

The Overtunes

Formed in 2013, The Overtunes are made up of three brothers: Mada Emmanuelle Brahmantyo, Reuben Nathaniel Brahmantyo and Mikha Angelo Brahmantyo. The latter participated in X Factor Indonesia and gained further fame with the band now known for romantic acoustic pop songs, with hit singles like “Sayap Pelindungmu”, “Ku Ingin Kau Tahu” and “Bukan Sekedar Kata”, which became the soundtrack for Susah Sinyal film. The Overtunes have also been nominated for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year at the Indonesia Choice Award.

Stars and Rabbit

It’s impossible not to have heard of Stars and Rabbit. The Indonesian folk band from Yogyakarta is made up of Adi Widodo and Elda Suryani, and has wowed local music lovers from 2011 onwards. With two albums, Constellations and Live at Societet Militair, the band has performed at several music concerts like Esplanade Concourse and Laneway Festival Singapore along with touring the world. Describing their genre as Imaginary Pop, Stars and Rabbit’s songs are indeed reverie-esque, accompanied by strums of guitar and Elda’s unique voice and singing style.

Elephant Kind

With its English lyrics and eclectic tunes, Elephant Kind offers a different kind of cross-genre pop songs on the Indonesian music scene. Consisting of Bam Mastro, Bayu Adisapoetra, and Dewa Pratama, the band was first formed in 2013 and offers songs for broken hearts like “True Love”, “Oh Well”, and “Something Better”, as quoted in an interview with CNN Indonesia. Recently, Elephant Kind participated in The Sound Project 2018 and opened for The XX – I See You Tour 2018.

Indische Party

Did you know that Indonesia indie band Indische Party has recorded an album at Abbey Road Studios? In 2015, Indische Party participated in Converse Rubber Tracks in London, where once a year the brand gives a chance for any band in the world to come and record their albums in the legendary studio. The music group is made up of college friends Japs Shadiq, Kubil Idris, Jacobus Dimas and Tika Pramesti, who sings 60s rock-and-roll tunes along with incorporating rhythm and blues, rock, and oldie pop in their songs. With two albums under their belt, Indische Party and Analog (released in 2016), listening to Indische Party will transport you back to the 1960s with songs like “I Wanna Dance” and “Waiting for You”.

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