The Big Durian is known for its vibrant nightlife and amazing culinary scenes and other endless adventures, such as exciting workshops and classes to learn new things from, because why not? With more and more places opening up and offering diverse kinds of classes and workshops, we have narrowed down five places in Jakarta that offer fun and interesting classes and workshops. Check them out!

Indoestri Markerspace

Founded in 2014 by Leonardo Theosabrata, Indoestri Makerspace has been slowly but surely popping onto everyone’s radar in recent years. With its warehouses setting, Indoestri Makerspace provides a venue for artisans and creators to learn new skills from woodworking to digital printing to metalwork in weekly scheduled classes. Its upcoming workshops and classes include social media for brands, phone photography, and jewellery making. Visit the website here to learn more about Indoestri Makerspace.

Bartega Studio

Are you looking to hone your brush skills? Then don’t miss out to checking out Bartega Studio. The event-management company, which was founded in 2017, specialisesd in hosting guided acrylic painting workshops combined with drinking wine,, and participants will unleash their inner artist in a fun, stress-relieving paint workshop. Follow them on their Instagram page to keep updated with the latest news, themes, and locations.

Mau Belajar Apa

Serving as an online marketplace platform for people who want to learn new skills, Mau Belajar Apa has worked with over more than 100 educators, offering 1,000some thousand different kinds of workshops across the city. From watercolours, to calligraphy, to digital marketing to fashion, learners can find anything they want all in one place at Mau Belajar Apa website. Sounds neat, eh? Head over to the website to find out more.


Not only does Salihara serves as one of the biggest art centres in Jakarta offering myriad kind of art performances, they it also provides a hefty list of workshops for creative individuals. Located in South Jakarta, the workshops offered in Salihara ranges from morphology, to acting classes to creative thinking and writing classes. Salihara also likes to host art tours, which provide an s opportunity to experience art dynamics and visiting several art studios in the city. Head over to the website to learn more about what classes you can take this year.

Concrete Co-Working Space

As more and more co-working spaces showing up across town, it’s about time that they also offer workshops and classes. Located in the Pluit area, Concrete Co-Working Space not only offers a spacious co-working space but also different types of workshops for creative individuals and entrepreneurs. Their Its in-house workshops ranges from arts & and crafts, music, leather making, and fashion to entrepreneurship classes. Check out its website to get the latest updated classes and workshops here.

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