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TED Talks has become a sought-after platform for public speaking. The millions of TED Talk videos streamed everyday teach and inspire countless people, no matter who they are. Watching TED Talks is a good way to learn skills that could take your presentation to a new level and therefore win over the audience. Try out these five commonly used presentation techniques that TED Talk guests use to draw their audience in.



1.      Know your audience

Jennifer Brea- What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose (Photo: Courtesy of TED Talk)

Always remember who your audience will be when creating your presentation. Keep in mind what their professions are, which industries they come from, or what they look forward to hearing about. Knowing your audience will help you design content that will keep your audience engaged during your presentation.


2.       Simplicity is the best

Susan Cain- The Power of Introverts (Photo: Courtesy of TED Talk)

Public speakers often make the mistake of over-explaining points in the presentation. This is especially true if you are addressing a heterogeneous audience who might only need the broad idea on a certain topic, instead of its technical details. If members in the audience would like to know more about your topic, they could ask you or do their own deeper research after your presentation.


3.       Share stories

Brene Brown- The Power of Vulnerability (Photo: Courtesy of TED Talk)

Stories and anecdotes are a sure-fire way to reach out to your audience because stories stimulate emotions, thus making it easier for you to establish common ground with your audience. Share stories that relate well with your audience if you want to move them into action.


4.       Present creatively

Bill Gates- Innovating to Zero! (Photo Courtesy: TED Talk)

People learn in different ways. Some learn better with visual aids while others prefer listening. To connect with as many different learners as possible, use different creative presentation tools. Incorporate videos and images into your presentation slides or storytelling. Avoid from giving an overly long and bulleted PowerPoint presentation as this can bore your audience.


5.       Keep to your expertise

Dan Pink- The Puzzle of Motivation (Photo: Courtesy of TED Talk)

TED Talk speakers keep their presentations to areas they are experts in, which is what gives them the confidence to speak in front of an audience. When you present a familiar topic, you will be able to share the essential points of your subject. Speaking on subjects you are credible in is a way to gain the trust of your audience as well.


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