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Jakarta is constantly growing, with architectural inspiration taking hold across the city and beyond. Inspiration for city-wide creations can come from a range of places, so to help refine your search for visual stimulation we have collected five inspirational videos to help any new, old or budding architects and fans out there who are looking for something new.

 Thomas Heatherwick: Building the Seed Cathedral

Architect Thomas Heatherwick takes things you might normally pass by and creates stunning remakes. He also explores the nature of architecture, which has led to the production of ingenious bio-inspired designs.

 Bjarke Ingels: Three Warp-speed Architecture Tales

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels propels us through his notion of architectural creation and along the way he shows how it is not only be influenced by nature, but can also be a part of it. As such, his creations are used to protect against strong winds or harness solar energy.

Magnus Larsson: Turning Dunes into Architecture

Currently rising in fame and notoriety, Magnus Larsson explains his plans to transform the harsh Sahara Desert. He also goes on to explain the strange materials and unique designs he has used to create a place to live in in one of the most uninhabitable climates on the planet.

 Doris Kim Sung: Metal that Breathes 

Doris Kim Sung works with thermo-bimetals which have similar properties to human skin. This allows her to create amazing glass structures that defy imagination. This culminates in an amazing talk that highlights the problems and solutions of using lots of glass in architecture.

 Michael Hansmeyer: Building unimaginable shapes

Breaking the boundaries of what architects think is possible... Michael Hansmeyer talks about how he uses unimaginable shapes in his creations and in turn brings to life what many thought to be impossible.


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