Different types of flowers and different styles can invoke different emotions. The most important thing to remember is that a good florist will be a good artist who can invoke an emotion from the receiver of its creations, whether its sadness, happiness, or disappointment. To avoid sadness and disappointment on the receiving end, we present to you these five top florists around Jakarta for you to find that perfect bouquet to send to the important person in your life.

 Atelier Fleuri

Atelier Fleuri has gathered a loyal following due to its beautiful creations and nicely curated Instagram account. Claiming to be an atelier with whimsical garden flair, it is popular among brides for its unique and delicate bouquet creations.


Twigs and Twine

With nature-inspired florals, the creations here are perfect for different types of occasions. Its Valentine’s Day red roses and dried-flower bouquets are perfect for any lovey-dovey moments between you and your loved one. Also, check out its gorgeous artificial silk flowers, which are suitable for office openings.


Madame Florist

With a huge following on Instagram, Madame Florist is popular for its vast selection of flower creations. From flowers for apologies to flowers for sick people, it makes them great and memorable. It always keeps up with the flower trends, too, as seen with its beautiful Beauty and the Beast everlasting rose collection.


Yulika Florist

Proudly declaring itself as premium products made with farm flowers, this one is popular with its long-lasting flowers that really will last longer than regular flower bouquets. Aside from flowers, it also creates gorgeous boutonnieres that will be perfect for weddings. Its lavender bouquets are not only easy on the eyes—they will also help you to have the sweetest dreams. Lastly, the fresh black sparkling rose on the box is perfect for that special someone in your life.

Aneka Bunga

Aneka Bunga caters to various events, such as weddings and graduations. Not only does it do flower creations, it can also create various creative balloons to decorate flowers along with cute dolls or teddy bears that will be sure to make your little sister’s birthday party very special. Its red roses in a white cage are also a special design that will melt any girl’s heart.


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