If you're someone who likes to read inspiring, enlightening, or thought-provoking pieces, or you're simply running out of things to read, our Generation T Listers might be able to help you with that. Here to share some of their current favorites are our five budding entrepreneurs and young starlets. Curious to see what's in their head? Look these books up and dive right in!

Arsyah Rasyid – Zero to One


As one of the men behind Kokatto, a start-up built back in 2015, Arsyah’s book of choice can help entrepreneurs because it tells you how to develop the future plans of your company and to help give you a vision. Not a business owner yet? Worry not: this book also has all the secrets on how to build one.

 Ayla Dimitri – The Little Book of Contentment


While Ayla Dimitri’s job as content creator seems to be never-ending, she always remembers to prioritise her happiness. Happiness, strength, independence, and gratitude… this book will tell you how to achieve the whole package and be the best version of yourself.

Eugenie Patricia – The Art of People


As someone who has successfully built a company from media platforms such as Instagram, The Art of People truly captures the spirits of Eugenie and Adrian, the co-founders of Puyo. This book teaches you how to win, succeed, and influence people. What’s the secret, you ask? It all comes down to your willingness to help others.

Emily Jaury – GRIT: Why Passion and Resilience Are The Secret to Success


If you dream of becoming a successful pioneer, this is the book for you. As the brains behind Love and Flair, GRIT comes in handy for the budding entrepreneurs as it tells you everything you needs to know about achieving outstanding results.

Maudy Ayunda – Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race


As a person who grew up in a multicultural school, race is something that hits close to home for Maudy Ayunda. This book explores the issue of black history and feminism through an eye-opening lens. If you’re interested in reading a book about how the world turns between different races, this is a must-read.

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