Dancing is not only a form of exercise to help you get in shape, it is also an artform with which you can express your body in a way you never thought before. Check out these places in Jakarta where you can learn the tango and salsa and get moving in no time!

1.       Argentine Tango

Photo: Courtesy of Argentine Dance(Facebook)

Argentine Tango is a community created by people who love the tango. It regularly holds tango lessons for various levels from beginners to advanced. It also has special milonga nights at which you can dance the night away with tango-inspired music.

2.       Aruba Jakarta

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

Aside from being a restaurant that serves Caribbean and Mexican dishes, Aruba Jakarta also provides a space for salsa and tango dance classes for you to show some moves and dance the night away. Most of the classes are held at night, so you can go straight from work.

3.       Genecela Dance Center

Photo: Courtesy of Genecela Dance Centre

Genecela provides various dance classes starting from classical ballet, tap dance to salsa. Their classes utilises lots of free movement and energetic tunes that will surely get you sweating in no time. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because Genecela provides classes from introduction to advanced class.

4.       Jessica Stage Dance School

Photo: Courtesy of Pexels

Located in West Jakarta, Jessica Stage Dance School provides all kinds of dance classes from breakdance to salsa. It also has an annual showcase event dedicated to let students perform in front of their families and friends to encourage self-expression through dance.

5.       Cuban Salsa Indonesia

Photo: Courtesy of Ardian Lumi(Unsplash)

Cuban Salsa Indonesia is a community that was created in 1999 by Damaris. Damaris is a dance teacher from Cuba who plans to expand the salsa community not only to other parts of Indonesia, but also on an international platform. Cuban Salsa frequently holds salsa classes and special Latin nights for all salsa lovers to gather together.

6.       Salihara Community

Photo: Courtesy of Kris Atomic(Unsplash)

Salihara Community is dedicated to being the centre of the arts in Indonesia and it regularly holds art events along with other art performances in its venue. One of these is a salsa dance class with international dance instructors that is held annually. Sign up as a member to receive updates on any of the dance class schedules.

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