Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city with a long and rich cultural history. Foreign influences resulting from immigration, ranging from Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese to Indian, are everywhere, including in these 7 must-visit contemporary art galleries that colour the city’s art scene.

 1.       Rachel Gallery

SIGIarts renamed itself as Rachel Gallery in 2012 when the gallery launched Artovale, its art consultancy service that encompasses the planning, procurement, and installation of artworks worldwide. Artovale has worked on projects for Altira Business Park, Novotel Bali, and Rimowa. During ART STAGE Jakarta 2017, the gallery featured artworks by Argya Dhyaksa, a Bandung-based artist that turns porcelain into satirical sculptures.


Jl.. M.H.Thamrin Kav. 10


2.    ARTsphere Gallery


ARTsphere Gallery. Photo: Courtesy of The Artling

ARTsphere positions itself as the melting pot for Jakarta’s artists, collectors, and art lovers. It collects contemporary art from young Indonesian artists in various cities, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bandung. Its goal is to promote Indonesia’s unique art scene at home and abroad. Past exhibitions include a group exhibition titled “Contemporary Alternative” by Erika Ernawan, Maharani Mancanegara, Eric Pauhrizi, and Eldwin Pradipta.


Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2 (Kemang Icon)


3.    Edwin’s Gallery

Edwin’s Gallery was established in 1984 by acclaimed photographer Edwin Rahardjo. Edwin started out with a small gallery and studio in his parent’s garage. His gallery slowly grew to become one of the most active art establishments in the city. Recently, Edwin’s gallery participated in ART STAGE Jakarta 2017 in which it exhibited artworks by various Indonesian and Japanese artists. The gallery also featured kinetic arts by Heri Dono and Septian Hariyoga.


Jl.. Kemang Raya No. 21


4.       Ruangrupa

Ruangrupa is a non-profit organisation that strives to develop the local art scene through initiatives such as art festivals, research, books, workshops, and other projects. Some of its initiatives are Art Lab, Ruru Gallery, Karbon, Ok video and jarakpandang.com. Art Lab is a creative, research programme on urban issues, while Ruru Gallery, launched in 2008, provides space for young, visual artists, writers and curators.


Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 6


5.       Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (MACAN)

Founded in 2017 by Haryanto Adikoesoemo, Museum Macan is the latest addition to the growing enthusiasm for art space in Jakarta. It is dubbed as Indonesia’s first international modern art museum and has attracted artists as well as art enthusiasts who swarm the museum for inspiration. For its inaugural exhibition, MACAN adopted the theme of “Art Turns.World Turns” as it explores the artistic connections between Indonesia and the world, outlining Indonesia’s and the world’s art history.


Jl. Panjang No. 5 (AKR Tower Level MM)


 6.       RUCI Art Space

RUCI’s goal is to foster art awareness in the country. The name RUCI hails from a Sanskrit word meaning the “the source of light”, hence reflecting the gallery’s ambition to be a space to share artwork and knowledge. It strives to build a platform between artists and the public by creating a space to look into, cultivate, and collaborate ideas before turning them into artwork that people could see.


Jl. Suryo Blk. S No. 49


7.       Bartele’s Gallery

If you are attracted to the history of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, you must visit Bartele Gallery where you can peruse through the countless antique maps that are on being display. Besides maps, Bartele Gallery has a spellbinding collection of old parchments and photographs from the colonial era, as well as historical books and antiques dating back 500 years ago. It is also the only place where you can buy authentic maps and prints.


Jl. Jend. Sudirman RT.1/RW.5 (Mandarin Oriental Hotel)

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