Ballet has a vast number of physical, mental and social benefits for participants. As for exercise, ballet utilises the entire body from head to toe, engaging different muscle groups. The endorphins released during a ballet training session will also let you feel good.

When it comes to form, ballet also aids in correcting body posture and enhancing balance at the same time. For children who are still developing their self-confidence, ballet will also give them an opportunity to move their body in an elegant and graceful movement, which does wonders for self-confidence. All of these benefits are few reasons why taking up ballet in your free time could be the best thing you can do. Here, we have round up seven places for ballet training in Jakarta that will get you started on your ballet journey!

 1.  Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet 

Ever since its inception in 1993, the Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) has garnered an international and national reputation as one of the distinguished dance academies in Indonesia. MDA also has its own Trainee Programs designed to support students who wish to have a professional career as dancers. They have several programmes that consist of various kinds of dance including classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, hip hop and body conditioning.


Green Ville Maisonnette Road Block F B8


2.   Ballet Sumber Cipta

Founded in 1959, Ballet Sumber Cipta is a ballet school that uses methods from renowned Russian ballerina and teacher Agrippina Vaganova. The Vaganova method is a mix of the best ballet elements from France and Italy. Sumber Cipta also has its own dance group called Kreativitat Dance that has worked with national and international choreographer such as Maxine Heppner from Canada.


Pondok Pinang Raya Road No.1 Pondok Pinang(12310)


  3.   Ade Rayanti School of Ballet

Photo: Courtesy of  Ade Rayanti School of Ballet

Similar to Ballet Sumber Cipta, Ade Rayanti created the ballet school in 1967 specialising in classical ballet with the Vaganova method from Russia. One of the important milestone it has achieved was gaining a patron from Alexis Rassine in London. The classical ballet lessons are separated into two stages: the children’s grade and professional grade from elementary to advanced grade.

Delman Indah Road 8/20 Tanah Kusir, Kebayoran Lama(12240)



 4.   Namarina Ballet Jazz Fitness

Namarina is a non-formal institution that specialises in ballet, jazz, and fitness dance. The institution was started way back in 1956 by the late Nanny Lubis, and since then it has been active in introducing dance collaboration between ballet, jazz, and fitness to the general public through various shows, seminars, competitions, training, and demonstrations. It has actively participated in government projects as well, such as the opening of Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) and creating Senam Kesegaran Jasmani.


Halimun Street No. 43, Guntur(12980)



 5.   Rafa International Dance School

Rafa International Dance School is a dance school that offers teachings for various dances from ballet and jazz to contemporary dances. It holds small classes so that pupils can learn faster and achieve maximum individual attention. All of its staff have Certificates in Ballet Teaching Studies, which is an international standard for teaching qualification. Additionally, it also offers exams in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in ballet. RAD is a dance academy from the UK that is already renowned worldwide.


1st Studio: Kumon Pemuda Building

Pemuda Street number 21, Rawamangun



6.   Gigi Art of Dance

Gigi art of dance was created since 2009, providing myriad dance classes to cater to different individuals wishing to learn different dance techniques. It offers more than 35 classes weekly with its target market starting from age of two-and-half and above. Some of the classes it provides includes hip hop, ballet, contemporary jazz, Broadway jazz, street contemporary, and K-pop. The other special and unique classes it has are designed for mums, people with Down’s syndrome and even babies.


Metro Duta Niaga Block BA Kav. 1-4, Plaza 2 Pondok Indah(12310)


7.   Genecela Dance Centre

Created in 1996 by Yasinta, Genecela was born out of her lifelong dream to become a dance teacher in her own dancing school. Genecela Dance Centre focuses its teachings in classical ballet, tap dance, jazz dance, and hip hop dance conducted by experienced teachers with special dance syllabus. Genecela has also partnered up with Australian dance syllabus from the Australian Teachers of Dancing along with providing exams each year that students have to pass in order to advance to the next level.

Kedoya Palma Raya Street Block FC no.1 (11520)

021-581 7729



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