The 18th Asian Games are something most of us have been looking forward to, and now they are just two days away. What an honour to have the 18th Asian Games take place in our very own country. With many different sporting activities and a number of talented and hard-working athletes taking part, it’s going to be a fun few weeks. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of eight must-watch matches that are going to take place in Jakarta.

Weightlifting: Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran

Weightlifting has gained a lot of popularity among Indonesians. After a great showing at the Asian Games National Training, we know how much potential the team has. To be able to master weightlifting like Eko Yuli, an athlete must be strong, determined, muscular, and well-built.

Badminton: Istora Gelora Bung Karno

Undoubtedly, badminton is one of the national sports in Indonesia based on how much we love watching and playing the sport. The Indonesian men’s badminton team has previously taken part in the Thomas Cup 23 times and won 13 times. With a shuttlecock and a racquet, these boys will nail it at the Asian Games. Watch out for Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya!

Handball: GOR POPKI Cibubur

With seven players in each team and the main aim of passing the ball to the other team and scoring, handball is all about teamwork and play. With several winning matches and heaps of determination, we can’t wait to see the team showcasing their skills at the Asian Games this year. Make sure you don’t miss Viktorius Rafael Tolang on the big screen or even the field.

Wrestling: Jakarta Convention Center

Indonesian wrestling has been around for many years now. A combination of wrestling and theatrical performance for the benefit of a loud and motivated audience is what this sport really is. To be qualified, team members must be muscular and lean. Rida Wahdaniyaty, has been portraying her skills for so long and is now ready to take over JCC at the Asian Games.

Golf: Pondok Indah Golf Course

A very calm and collected sport is definitely how we describe golf, but it isn’t at all easy, as any golfer will tell you. Our boys and girls will be playing against other countries and that’s surely something we don’t want to miss during the 18th Asian Games. Although most golfers agree: in the end, you’re really playing against yourself.

Archery: Gelora Bung Karno Archery Field

With the constant support of Indonesian citizens and a strong win at the SEA Games 2017, archery has become very popular in Indonesia. The athletes are known to have worked hard very and are more than ready to conquer the 18th Asian Games along with other strong teams such as China, India, and many more. Don’t forget to spot Indonesian recurve archer Diananda Choirunisa on the field.

Fencing: Jakarta Convention Center

Originating in Spain, fencing has gone from strength to strength in Indonesia. There will be a number of matches in which to support this unique and interesting sport. Gaining its popularity and recognition around Indonesia, we can’t wait to see what goes down at JCC.

 Jet Ski: Ancol Beach

No it’s not just something we indulge in during a day at the beach: this fun sport is finally being noticed at the Asian Games. Not as fun and easy it looks, we’re sure the competition is set to heat things up and there will be lots of excitement that will go down—and besides: how can you even want to miss a jet ski match in which Aero Sutan Aswar takes over the ocean?

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