Alila Manggis is inviting art enthusiasts to experience the latest of its popular Artists in Residence programme: an exclusive art exhibition by world-class artists who will showcase their artworks, photographs and sculptures until April 29.

The exhibition will take place at Alila Manggis with the seaside resort fully transformed into an artistic playground for the artists to craft their masterpieces, inspired by the exotic nature surrounding the Manggis area in East Bali.

Open to the public, the exhibition is being held in support of the United World College of South East Asia global’s philanthropy activities entitled “Bali Bridges”. The artists taking part are James Wilkins, Silvana Sutanto, Michael Daube and Laila Azra.

James Wilkins is a photographer, artist and designer based in New York City and Bali. He has photographed architecture and interiors throughout the world in the US, the Caribbean and Asia. Recently, his attention has been focused on creating a collection of designs in which, like the Bauhaus school, all elements—fine art, architecture and high-design furniture—are created by the artist.

Next is Silvana Sutanto, an artist who uses photography as her artistic tool, focusing on the study of nature and wildlife in which her catalogue of imagery will force viewers to re-evaluate their relationship with time, place and life itself. Meanwhile, Michael Daube is a painter, sculptor and designer whose work highlights an examination of the sublime and the confluence of nature, physics and the state of being. Last but not least is Singaporean-based Laila Azra, an artist who explores various media with a primary focus on painting and creates distinctive artworks through her use of bold colours and forms.

For more information, visit the website.

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