Hitsss.com, portal and community for young people and creative business under Mobiliari Group, together with Central Park Mall’s 9th anniversary and Neo Soho’s 2nd anniversary, the two are holding a celebration called EPIC 9 ANNIVERSARY: TRIBUTE TO 9th CENTRAL PARK & 2nd NEO SOHO ANNIVERSARY throughout September, are collaborating to present "HITSSS FESTIVAL 2018".

The festival—which will be held from September 7 to 9—will be filled with thrilling events like fashion shows, live art drawings, art installations, a bazaar, workshop series, talk show series, and an educational and entertaining award night. Located in Tribeca Park, guests can browse the booths of well-known creative brands and amazing street-style performances from dance communities.

The theme of the festival is “Celebrating Creativity as a Currency”, which reflects the modern demands of the creative economy. Hitsss.com believes that the creative industries are experiencing rapid growth and have become the most prominent pillar of the Indonesian economy. They have become significant with the support of Indonesian culture and the inspiration that comes with it. With this in mind, Hitsss.com is making an effort to spread awareness of creative needs, and that it is a form of currency.

The event will include more than 30 tenants of famous fashion and F&B brands starting from Friday to Sunday (September 7–9) at Tribeca Park. Meanwhile, you can also enlighten yourself with live art drawings performed by a group of artists from Seni Rupa Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), or you can enjoy an art installation by Rachel Gallery located in Neo Soho.

On September 8, from 1pm to 5:30pm, things get even more lively with three talk shows. The first is themed “What’s Next in OTT Streaming Idea: The Rise of Original Content Series – Meet & Greet with ‘Halustik’ Casts & Directors” with Tara Basro, Richard Kyle, Luthesa, Natalius Chendana, and Varun Mehta. Meanwhile, the second will be themed “Sneaker Trends to Kickstart Your Style” with Natasha Ratulangi. The last one will be “Street Workout, Health & Gym Trend for Urban Youth” with the Street Workout Indonesia community. And if those aren’t your cup of tea, you can also visit the “Doodle Workshop: New Tricks for Drawing Doodle Art” with Tauzia Hotels and Wacom located on Neo Hype @ Neo Soho from 11am to 3pm.

The next day, from 12:30pm to 5:30pm, you can attend another talk show called HITSSS TALKS. Here, visitors will benefit from fresh insights from 17 young entrepreneurs, start-up business establishers, and other figures from the creative industries. The list includes Reynir Fauzan (Co-Founder & CMO Kata.ai), Harya Putra (Co-Founder & CEO Warung Pintar), Sarita Sutedja (Founder Upnormal-CRP Group), Charina Prinandita (Co-Founder Eatlah), Reza Ardian (Product Development Manager Juni Records), Taufan Adryan (Head of Short Form & Branded Content Visinema Pictures), Muhammad Egha (Co-Founder & CEO of Delution), Faza Meonk (Co-Founder & Creative Director of Pionicon), Arief Widhiyasa (CEO of Agate), Shinta Uli Nusantara (Co‐Founder & CFO of Noesa), Carlson Lau (CEO of Cocowork), Melia Winata (Co-Founder & CMO Du’Anyam), Yohanes Sugihtononugroho (Co-Founder &  CEO of Crowde), Garth Parlimbangan (CCO Famous.id), Gerald Sebastian (Founder & CEO Kok Bisa Channel), Denny Santoso (Founder & CEO DigitalMarketer.id), and Dian O. Wulandari (Co-Founder & COO Instellar Indonesia). All of them will discuss their achievements and how they value #CreativityAsACurrency.

Last, but not least, the highlight of the event will be held on Sunday, September 9, starting from 6:30pm: the HITSSS CREATIVE AWARDS 2018. As a digital media outlet that covers youth and creative businesses, Hitsss.com is giving appreciation to the most promising, inspiring, and fastest-growing creative businesses. The selection process is in the hands of the Board of Advisors, comprising Alamanda Shantika (Founder & President Director Binar Academy), Bonnie Susilo (Founder & CEO Food Lab Indonesia), Denny Santoso (Founder & CEO Digitalmarketer.id), Dian O. Wulandari (Co-Founder & COO Instellar Indonesia), Melinda Babyanna (CEO Argo Apparel Group), and Natali Ardianto (Initiator Startup Lokal, CTO EmasDigi), who will curate the best achievers that deserve the awards.

The criteria are based on indicators such as growth and achievements, innovation, creative business ideas, market prospects, their ability to accelerate, and their contribution to society in general. There will be 18 creative businesses for the awards from nine categories: Tech, Fashion & Design, Film & Music, F&B, Game & Animation, Art & Craft, Services, Social Enterprise, and Influencers.

Closing the awarding ceremony, there will be a fashion show showcasing significant fashion labels, such as Danjyo Hiyoji, KLÉ, Nikicio, and MadeInd (MadeInd x Wilsen Willim, MadeInd x Anthony Tandiyono, and MadeInd x Rinda Salmun). The event will continue with a grand firework show presented by EPIC 9 ANNIVERSARY: TRIBUTE TO 9TH CENTRAL PARK & 2ND NEO SOHO ANNIVERSARY.

But that’s not all! The HITSSS FESTIVAL 2018 will continue to run with art and photography workshops from September 15 to 16. So the event will be wrapped up with an amazing and creative festival that is open to the public.

The event is supported by partners, such as Datascrip, Datascrip Creative Tablet, Wacom, Tauzia Hotels, Harris Hotels, Yellow Hotel, Lumix, Toyota, Skechers, Viu, Dewaweb, Cocowork, Eatlah, Gaia, Darling Rock, Mineral Botanica, Sunpride, and Pinot Bakery.

And also community partners: Kaskus, Cocowork, Artsphere, Startup Lokal, IKJ, Dancebox Studio, Brand Adventure, Streetworkout Indonesia, dan Baramora Academy. Media partners: Indonesia Tatler, Metro TV, Medcom.id, Viva, Metrotvnews.com, Kompas.com, Koran Sindo, Sindonews.com, Provoke, Cosmopolitan, HerWorld, CheckInJakarta, PopMama, EventJakarta, EventJournal, EventBanget.

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