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Bang & Olufsen is introducing its revamped product known as the PLAY Earset, which displays the evolution of a Bang & Olufsen design icon. The Earset comes with a state-of-the-art wireless audio technology, a world-class Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, and a new modern look while maintaining the flexible design aspects that made its original successful.


Photo Courtesy of B & O

Anders Hermansen originally designed the earset in the 90s, focusing on creating a set of earphones that is flexible enough for anyone’s ear. The adjustment system on the earphones allows you to modify the angle of the earbud, the height of the piston, and the curve of the ear hook individually to your preference—ensuring it’s a perfect fit.



Photo Courtesy of B & O

In addition, the Earset is made out of premium materials that will result in longevity of the product. The aluminium used for the telescopic piston has been precision-forged for fluid movement, ensuring a hydraulic-like feel.  Aside from that, the ear hook has sections of soft rubber that makes a comfortable and secure fit behind the ear. A hex screw attaches the piston to the hook, which underlines the mechanical ideals that inspired the original design.



Photo Courtesy of B & O

The revamped Earset is different from most models in the market as it has a deeper in-ear fit that allows the speaker house to fit comfortably inside the inner ear without blocking it. Aside from providing comfort, Bang & Olufsen’s PLAY Earset also allows ambient sounds to be heard while still maintaining the audio performance that you would expect from a set of B&O PLAY earphones.

With up to five hours of battery life, the Earset is perfect to accompany you in your daily activities. Better yet, the in-line anodized aluminium remote comes with three buttons and a built-in microphone that lets you control your music, take calls, and even activate Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Earset is available in two stunning colours: Graphite Brown and White. When not being used, the earphones can be stored in the included pouch for optimum protection. For more information on Bang & Olufsen’s Earset, visit its official website here.

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