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England is, no doubt, famous as a country with a great football tradition. Lately, England has been more popular because of its achievements in Euro 2020, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe, which is held this year because of the pandemic. One of the famous football clubs from the UK is Manchester City, the crowned 2020-21 Premier League champions. 

It would be no surprise for parents to have their kids learn football abroad in Manchester City’s Football School. The good news is, for the first time, the football school will open in Indonesia. The football school will have its base in British School Jakarta, an international standard school founded under the auspices of the British Embassy Jakarta in 1974, located in the Tangerang district of Jakarta.

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The first-class facilities in British School Jakarta (BSJ), such as playing surfaces of natural and 4G pitches, indoor alternatives and conditioning facilities, will perfectly support the coaching team. “It is very much a case of paving the way for BSJ as we are focusing on being a school for ‘today and tomorrow’”, said David Butcher, the Principal of BSJ.

Manchester City’s philosophy and coaching methods will generate authentic and creative programmes, making high-quality results for the students. “We look forward to contributing to it by providing an authentic and inclusive experience at the Manchester City Football School,” said Jorgina Busquets, Managing Director of Football Education and Recreation for City Football Group. “All programmes will follow the same philosophy that we use in Manchester to develop our players.”

The official opening of this football school will take place in September this year for BSJ students and in 2022 for the wider community. For more information about this exciting new programme, please visit bsj.sch.id/ mancityfootballschool or drop an email to enterprise@bsj.sch.id.