For three days on 7-9 September 2018, HITSSS FESTIVAL 2018, organised by portal and community for young people and creative business under Mobiliari Group, in collaboration with Central Park mall and Neo Soho mall, have been completed and very lively has wrapped up and from the very first live-art drawing to the last member of the fireworks show, the whole event was spectacular, to say the least.

And for those of you who didn’t catch the whole thing or who missed a thing or two, then just sit back and relax, because today we have gathered everything you may have missed at HITSSS FESTIVAL 2018.

Inspirational artworks

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Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

The event started with amazing live-art drawings by many talented artists from Seni Rupa Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), with artists such as Edy Prasetyo, Rhema Ophelia, Lia Laveena, Muhammad Khrisna Dwi Putra, Demas Fajar Ariya, and Emirzha Fikri Mulyono. Visitors can also take a look at the art installation exhibition located at Neo Soho, from artist Argya Dhyaksa presented on behalf of Rachel Gallery, until the end of September.

Creative bazaar


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Guests had a chance to visit the bazaar at Tribeca Park where they could choose from a huge selection of beverages, including Kopipok, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Jack & John Kitchen, Chriscof, and Fakultas Kopi; while for food there was NgeWrap, YOBE Cheese Tea, Sugashi, fatmilo, Cincausan, and Abi Kebab. Visitors could also visit many incredible fashion booths like Cotton Ink, Necessity, Da Fook!, KXStart!, and Dreambirds Artwear.

Talk Shows

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Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

On the second day, guests were indulged with inspiring talk shows from the Halustik movie casts and director, a Skechers ambassador, and the athletic team Street Workout Indonesia. With the Halustik movie crew, guests enjoyed an amusing conversation with Richard Kyle, Luthesa, Natalius Chendana, and Andri Chung about the upcoming Viu Original Series and the absurdity that came along the way. With the Skechers ambassador, Natasha Ratulangi, we talked about the importance of exercising and how to dress well while doing it. Lastly, with the team of Street Workout Indonesia, we talked about the cheapest and easiest ways to exercise even with a tight schedule.

Dance and flash mob

Dance Performance.jpeg

Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

There was also the most amazing flash mob and dance performance during the event from Dancebox, sponsored by Skechers Indonesia, to Yello Roar for the dance performance. We also had Street Workout Indonesia for an amazing calisthenic flash mob.

Doodle workshop

Doodle Workshop.jpeg

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For the artsy kind of person, the event offered live-art drawings complete with a doodle workshop and competition with Wacom and Tauzia hotels, together with artist Shane Tortilla. So inspiring!

HITSSS Talks and Creative Awards


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With the HITSSS Talks and HITSSS  Creative Awards, we had 15 speakers who are also founders and representatives of many groundbreaking brands, such as KokBisa Channel, Noesa, Eatlah,,, Warung Pintar, Upnormal, Juni Records, Delution, Pionicon, Agate, Visinema, Du’anyam,, and Instellar Indonesia.

Later on at night, things got even more lively with HITSSS CREATIVE AWARDS where the digital platform handed out awards to 18 creative businesses from 9 categories, from Tech, and Warung Pintar; Fashion and Design, Tangan and Delution; Film and Music, Juni Records and Visinema Pictures; Food and Beverages, Upnormal and Eatlah; Game & Animation, Agate and Pionicon; Art and Craft, Noesa and Chic & Darling; Services, Rekreasi Creative Background and CoCowork; Social Enterprise, Du’anyam and Crowde; and lastly Influencers, Kok Bisa? And

The selection of each award was done by the Board of Advisors through several indicators such as latest growth and achievements, the innovation and creativity of their business idea, market prospect, their ability to fastly accelerate, and how they can contribute to society, especially to the growth of Indonesian creative industry.

Fashion runway

Fashion Show.JPG

Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

After the HITSSS Creative Awards, as part  of the "Epic 9 Anniversary: Tribute to 9th Anniversary Central Park & 2nd Anniversary Neo Soho", guests were treated to incredible fashion shows by MadeInd (MadeInd x Anthony Tandiyono, MadeInd x Wilsen Willim, and MadeInd x Rinda Salmun), Danjyo Hiyoji, Kle, and Nikicio, which showcased some of their most unique and exceptional works.



Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

For the cherry on top, the event concluded with dozens of beautiful fireworks brightening up the sky with exquisite shapes and formations leaving the audience awestruck and many jaws agape. It was an event to remember indeed!

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