Concert Photos 1.JPGCeline Dion, the world-renowned singer with a voice as powerful as her most famous song “The Power Of Love” has moved millions with her sweet and melodious voice on hits like “My Heart Will Go On” and “Because You Loved Me”. She is forever impacting us, hitting beautiful notes and delving deep into our souls with the lyrics to her songs.

The good news now is that we will be graced by a live performance by Celine Dion on July 7 at the Sentul International Convention Centre, where she will perform all her memorable singles and, we hope, songs from her upcoming album. This is the first time ever that Celine will grace Jakarta with her presence, and excitement is building about her concert.

When asked about her desires for her upcoming live show, Celine jokingly said that she just expects all her fans to simply lose themselves in her songs and dance throughout the concert. She expressed her wish to see all her fans having the best times of their lives, and, if possible, to sing even louder than her. With her humble, fun, and loving personality, it’s no wonder that the singer has become so beloved to millions of devoted fans all over the world since her debut in 1981.

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Celine is known as a singer whose live performances are said to be even better than her album recordings. Many have turned into avid lifetime fans after watching her concerts just one time, and her recent performance at the Colosseum in Las Vegas showed just how devoted a fan can be as one of them enthusiastically jumped onto the stage to hug her. When asked if she expects something like that to happen in Jakarta, she jokingly said that she expects better as she wants everyone to come up on stage to greet her.

When asked about her decision to hold a concert here, Celine admitted that she doesn’t have much knowledge about the music scene in Indonesia, so she wants to learn more about Jakarta by staging a live show in the city. She added that the most important thing is that she wants to get to know her fans in Jakarta better, and to encourage her fans here to help her find interesting places to go to.

Concert Photos 3.jpgWhen asked whether she is worried about the hot weather in Indonesia, Celine confidently said that it doesn’t matter to her because she is coming here for her fans. Can’t wait to see her performance? Make sure you get tickets now at before they sell out.

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