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Bold movements and colourful celebrations—with Tango in Paradise around the corner, it’s time to dust off your dance shoes. Held from November 29 to December 2 in Bali, Tango in Paradise is an unforgettable experience that aims to merge the cultures and traditions of two exotic countries, Indonesia and Argentina. In addition, Tango in Paradise is using its passion to raise funds for the victims of the Lombok earthquakes. “We want to bring their smiles back, especially the children,” says Ratih Soe Kosasie, founder of Tango in Paradise. “I hope that this festival can make these victims’ lives better in any way, as their smiles bring light into this world.”

It’s here that tango enthusiasts can meet other dancers from around the globe, treat themselves to enriching workshops and riveting performances by the Argentinean Tango Masters, and experience Bali at its finest. This year’s festival will travel through Legian to Seminyak, with the first night spent in Kumala Pantai Hotel with a Welcoming Milonga, and the rest at the Padma Hotel & Resort, where dancers can enjoy Traditional Milonga and Gala Milonga in the hotel’s enchanting ballroom. To end the exceptional experience, a championship and farewell dinner will also be held at the Kumala Pantai Hotel.

Livening up the week are three pairs of internationally recognised Tango Maestros. Entering their 13th year of dancing together, Luis Ramirez and Analia Carreno are bringing their alluring chemistry to Bali. Having performed at revered tango houses and shows in Buenos Aires such as “Señor Tango” and “Tanguera”, the dynamic duo decided to establish their own tango company, “Conjuro Tango”.

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Fifteen years into dancing together, professional tango and Argentine folklore dancers Gabriel Ponce and Analia Morales will also be making an appearance. After studying in the National Folkloric Ballet of Argentina, the stunning pair toured the world from 2003 and even choreographed the Latin Grammy Award 2010 in Las Vegas. Of similar calibre are Facundo Pinero and partner Vanesa Villalba, who boast their fair share of glories. At the tender age of 17, Facundo travelled the world with many companies, such as Latin Dance and Tango Emotion. Keeping up with her globetrotter partner, Vanesa built her name in Casas de Tango and Tango Baradero 2002, where she won first place and later sat on the jury.

Adding to the star-studded festivities are guests of honour Michael Nadtochi “EL Gato” and Paula Duarte “Paulita” who began their professional journey together at a Buenos Aires Milonga in 2017. Less than a year later, they went international and will be touring the world to perform and teach to tango communities.

With such a flavourful line-up of guests and enriching experiences, this year’s Tango in Paradise will be bigger and bolder. There’s no better way to celebrate the year’s end than with lively dance festivities in Bali that will also aid survivors of the Lombok earthquakes.

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