Driven by her passionate love of batik, Tina Andrean established Heritage Culture by Tina Andrean in 2015. It had long been Tina’s desire to be able to introduce and preserve the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesian culture. She now achieves this through touches of modern designs that are simple yet elegant without losing the distinctive features of the culture itself.


The hallmark of Heritage Culture by Tina Andrean is pure batik tulis cloth, which is sophisticatedly shaped into exquisite clothes that genuinely bring out the best of the wearer. Heritage Culture by Tina Andrean has used batik tulis from several regions such as Solo, Pekalongan, Cirebon, and many more. It boasts a wide variety of products, from scarves that are made from graceful Silk Baron to a wide selection of clothing ranging from cocktail attire to semi-formal and formal jackets, long dresses, and much more.

Meanwhile, men’s shirts use finely selected satin silk, Silk Baron, ATBM silk, and fine cotton. Those interested in these unique cultural treasures can preview Heritage Culture by Tina Andrean’s latest collections at Villa Melati Mas A2 No. 5-7 BSD, Tangerang. For further information, contact Xena Levina on (+62) 21 5569 5567 or (+62) 811 194 5277. We guarantee that all of our collections will exceed all expectations.

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