Potato Head Family, the Indonesia based lifestyle company, has collaborated again with one of Indonesia’s best contemporary artists, Eko Nugroho. To raise awareness against waste management and conservation, Eko Nugroho composed of 300 kilograms of collected refuse, called “Bouquet of Love”. The artwork is attached to Potato Head Beach Club’s Colosseum façade. Thousands of antiques teak colourful windows are used as the façade itself. Eko collected those windows throughout Indonesia, as an example of recycling and transforming everyday materials to create the amazing artistic works.

Nugroho said, “My love for Indonesia inspired me to create ‘Boutique of Love’, it’s a rich, magnificent tropical country, which also experiencing dynamic growth and development.” He also said that he was deeply drawn to this project because environmental damage and pollution will have an impact on every aspect of life, not just art.

Along with waste collectors and junkyards, Nugroho and his team collect varieties of discarded items, such as plastic buckets, water and soda bottles and some electronics to build “Bouquet of Love.” It tooks five weeks for Nugroho and his team to assemble the material, which is now on display at Potato Head Beach Club Bali for a limited time. 

The collaboration with Eko Nugroho is a part of Potato Head Family’s mission to provide “good times and do good.” The installation is on a large scale, and available to be viewed by thousands of people entering the Beach Club daily now.

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