HealthConnexion, housed within Connexion, an integrated healthcare and hospitality complex, is a health screening and preventive medicine center of Farrer Park Hospital. Besides providing health screening services and preventive medicine initiatives, it offers customised comprehensive solutions for holistic health.

Step into HeathConnexion and feel your anxieties melt away. The minimalist modern interior, with a 20-foot-high ceiling and stunning Japanese abstract paintings on its walls, bids clients a warm welcome. The real surprise, however, is out back, where a timbre deck offers breathtaking views of Singapore's cityscape.

HealthConnexion goes beyond your usual medical clinic, providing in-depth health assessment, personalised dietary and fitness advice, and regular wellness activities to encourage bonding between like-minded individuals.

The Center provides a suite of packages tailored to individual concerns. Across the Regular to Premier Tracks, the screenings offer essential physical examinations and laboratory investigations, as well as more comprehensive examinations and testing programs for major health concerns.

The Premier Track for ladies is an exclusive screening process that will take 6-7 hours. It includes physical examinations, laboratory tests, and state-of-the-art imaging. Farrer Park Hospital uses Microdose Mammography, which covers a larger area of the breast in one image compared to other mammography systems, and with 40% less radiation. It also boasts an anatomically curved and warm breast support plate.

HealthConnexion also partners with over 500 medical specialists under the Farrer Park Medical Center. Should any test result reveal the need for further investigations, the Center is able to seamlessly refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Smooth transitions between tests speed up the process, while top-notch customer service at all touch-points makes the entire health screening journey a pleasant experience.

Finally, Hoe Garden, which is attached to the Center, provides a welcome respite from a day's battery of tests, allowing you to soak in its Zen ambience while enjoying the amenities and refreshments provided.

Regular health screening is highly encouraged as it can help detect diseases that may not present symptoms in the early stages. Early detection is the key to long-term wellness.

 The benefits of Health Screening at HealthConnexion 

  • Privacy and exclusivity
  • One-stop integrated services with Digital Imaging and Specialists
  • Short waiting time for appointments
  • 3-days turnaround time for Full Medical Report
  • Chinese Medical Reports available on request

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For appointment booking: 

HealthConnexion Medical Clinic

1 Farrer Park Station Road

#16-13 Connexion

Singapore 217562

T: +65 6363 0505 F: +65 6443 1455


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