The 2019 Indonesian presidential election is right around the corner, and it’s time to use your voice and exercise your right. This election has become so much more special because millennials are among the first-time voters, although the elections may cause some confusion about what should be done and how to do exercise the right to vote effectively. This confusion may lead then lead to the decision not to vote. But don’t worry first-timers: if you are confused about how to use your voice optimally and make the right decisions, here are some tips from beloved Indonesian actor and Generation T honouree, Reza Rahadian.

Get to know the candidates

First things first: you must get to know everything about the candidates. From their mission, vision, the validity of their background, each of the planned programmes, and more. You must not miss this information and all the details since this person and their party will be the one to lead the country for the next five years.

Get the know the team

Other than knowing the candidates, you also need to know the winning team of each candidate— who belongs to which group. Check their strategies on how they used to win their candidate’s support. If you feel that their strategies are clean and appropriate, this can the defining points to lend your voice to supporting them.

Read from as many sources as possible

people-2566677_960_720.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Pixabay 

Read about the election from as many different sources as possible. Keep up-to-date with breaking news about the candidates to create some perspective about them. One thing’s for sure: make sure to only read from reliable and trusted media sources.

Watch the debates

Watching the presidential debates is a must. By watching the debates, you may evaluate the competitiveness and the intelligence of each candidate. How they form their own opinions and perspectives about all the issues that has been asked. Their answers may help you to gain perspective and to create your own opinions about them. And this will make your decision to vote more legitimate.

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