Although we won’t be celebrating Kartini Day for another month or so, you can see a more personal side of the famous Indonesian icon right now. Running until March 31,Erasmus Huis in Jakarta will hold an intimate exhibition that displays photos from R.A. Kartini’s personal collection.

 The 26-photo collection contains pieces that were sent by Kartini herself to her European pen pals at the beginning of the 20th Century. Within the collection are rare family photos of Kartini and her 11 siblings; there are also images of her husband and of her children.

All of the photos showcase moments that give visitors an insight into an Indonesian icon during her most natural and personal moments. Along with the photos, you will be able to see Kartini’s letters, which show her views and observations at such an important turning point in Indonesian history, as well as the particulars of her way of life.

 Born in Jepara on April 21, 1879, to a royal family, Kartini is known as a pioneer for the early feminist movements in Indonesia and as such the exhibition is being shown worldwide as part of women’s history month during March.

Many of Kartini’s letters and photos have been collected and shown in a number published works. However, this is a perfect opportunity to see some of them up close and experience never-seen-before pieces of work.

Photo credit: Biografiku

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