P1017567copy.JPGIndonesa’ s independence fighters lacked a clear blueprint in the 1940s when they set out to establish the nation. However, with Unity in Diversity, Pancasila (the nation’s five pillars), and their courage and drive to achieve independence, the Founding Fathers did manage to build a ship.” Thus starts the story of the development of Indonesia written in flowing sentences by Setyono Djuandi Darmono, president commissioner of publicly listed industrial estate developer PT Jababeka. Building A Ship While Sailing is a roadmap by Darmono to help the government build 100 new townships.

In his speech, the entrepreneur explains that the book outlines his vision of building the country while at the same time working towards self-reliance. The title is inspired by a famous quote by senior economist Professor Emil Salim: “Indonesia built its country like building a ship while sailing.” The book, says the Yogyakarta-born tycoon at its launch in Jakarta, is his reflection and contribution in helping the government set out its goals for a just and prosperous society.

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