Lartucira #8 , 2016, by Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi from ROH Projects

Joyful Rites of Spring II, 2017, by Eddie Hara from Nadi Gallery

After a successful debut last year, Art Stage Jakarta returns for its second edition from August 11-13 at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

The fair continues to have the strong support of Indonesian galleries, collectors and key opinion leaders. All major Indonesian collectors stand behind ART STAGE Jakarta, many of them gracing the fair’s Board of Art Patrons led by Deddy Kusuma and the Board of Young Collectors presided by Tom Tandio.

The fair also has the backing of Indonesia’s high society with many being members of the Board of Friends, led by Maria Lukito.

ART STAGE Jakarta 2017 will feature 50 international and Indonesian galleries, with six of the country’s top galleries exhibiting exclusively at the fair.

CAN’S Gallery

The gallery plays an active role in the growth of Indonesian fine art through promoting and developing artists’ careers both locallyand internationally.

It exhibits the artistic experimentation and achievements by Indonesian artists and the international creative communities. Visitors can expect show-stopping works by EntangWiharso, M. Irfan, Oky  Rey Montha and Win Dwi Laksono.

D Gallerie

D Gallerie is known for artworks by Indonesia’s old masters. Today it is also defined by its success of presenting emerging Indonesian contemporary photographers. Look forward to a solo exhibition by American artist Micah Crandall-Bear and works by Indonesian masters such as Henk Ngantung, Itji Tarmizi, Fajar Sidik and Hendra Gunawan.

Nadi Gallery

Like its namesake, Nadi Gallery's principal programmes of exhibitions aspire to present the pulses of recent developments in contemporary art in Indonesia. All their exhibitions are designed in cooperation with guest or independent curators. The gallery will be presenting works by Eddie Hara.

Rachel Gallery

First opened in 2007 as a contemporary art gallery called SIGIarts in Jakarta, the gallery works with both established and emerging artists and presents some of the best of these artists on the global art stage.

Visitors can expect the latest works by Mayumi Okabayashi, Muhammad Reggie Aquara and Sandy Karman.

ROH Projects

ROH Projects focuseson providing a platform for emerging artists with alternative practices as well as showing more developed artists in a nuanced and intellectually sound manner. Presenting its artists on an international scale, ROH Projects will be showing works by Syaiful Garibaldi at Art Stage Jakarta.

Semarang Gallery

Established in 2001, Semarang Gallery is located in the heart of Semarang, Indonesia. Semarang Gallery is dedicated to being a space that showcases artworks of Asian and Indonesian contemporary artists. The gallery is known for its support and promotion of young artists.

Semarang Gallery will be presenting works by Dipo Andy and Besrizal Besta at Art Stage Jakarta.

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