The 8th Solo City Jazz is ready to swing and jazz up Solo. The capital city of Surakarta Hadiningrat, Solo as one of the vintage four courts of Java will be illuminated by the blue notes for two days in a row 29 and 30 September 2017. Centralized at the 18th Century Fort Vastenberg located right on the city’s axis, the first day of the annual jazz happening organized by C-Pro Jakarta will take place at the city’s grand market square Pasar Gede @ 9.30 am and at the eminent batik market place Pasar Klewer @ 1.00 pm. Dubbed “Ngelaras Jazz” or Harmonizing Jazz, the Friday music buzz ventures to tune-in and synchronizes the dynamic vibes of jazz with the city’s lively daily routine.  Towering among the artist’s line-up at the intimate midday gig is singer cum song writer Ben Sihombing and young potential jazz talent The Rangers.

A string of potential young talents are ready to jazz up the crowds and light up the peak day Saturday with the most interesting improvisation and syncope at the centre stage of Fort Vastenberg. Jazz stars from Jakarta and Solo – Nonaria, Jungkat Jungkit, Fisip Meraung, Vibes, Destiny, Pilipe – will join force with Ben Sihombing and The Rangers to quench the thirst of Solo’s jazz aficionados.  To peak it all Fariz Rustam Munaf will thrill avid jazz aficionados with a series of his best selling tune. “As we have only 45 minutes allotment at this annual jazz fête, it is our legendary number like “Sakura”, “Barcelona”, “Hotel California” and its ‘acquaintances’ that we prepare for our Solo friends,” explains the musician and audio-visual artist known as Fariz R.M.

Solo City Jazz is one of Fariz’s favourite from a number jazz happenings that have bloomed across the archipelago in the last decade. He appreciates the tens of jazz endeavours that have added zest to performing arts in Indonesia.

“It is a positive sign that public appreciation on jazz have increased,” he continues.

“To us musicians and jazz  artists it means that we are challenged to bestow the best;  not just to appear on stage, but also to proof that we deserve to perform the most qualified piece for the sake of Indonesia’s music development.”

 Solo City Jazz starts in 2009 triggered by the Solo municipality’s yearning of having a music fiesta to entertain its citizens. “It is Joko Widodo the Mayor of Solo who came with this idea to create a musical event as a form of entertainment to relax from our daily routines. That is why we don’t sell tickets to enjoy all that jazz at Solo City Jazz,” says Gideon Momongan, Festival Director of C-Pro organizer of the fête that has reached its eighth production. “We don’t call it a festival even though we follow a festival-like concept. We prefer to call it “Jazz-è Wong Solo” or Solo’s Own Jazz. Via this event we take the initiative to eclectically mix ‘n’ match jazz with the city’s iconic qualities, art heritage and batik.” ***  

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