Characteristically unbeknownst to the music world, Jakarta boasts some of the world’s largest music events. Throngs of passionate fans attracted artists all around the world and seduce boy bands, divas, to Korean pop to place Jakarta on the map of their world tour. The largest happening is non-other than the annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival featuring over 75 international and local artists performing jazz, R&B, fusion and reggae songs. To charge up the mood for the upcoming festivities Paul Dankmeyer the artistic director of Jakarta Festival Productions shares an exciting insight on the 12th Java Jazz Festival at the Jakarta International Expo, 4, 5 and 6 March 2016.  

Indonesia Tatler: What is the special feature of this 2016 Java Jazz?  

Paul Dankmeyer: To me personally, it is the appearance of Sting as a feature guest of Chris Botti, amazing! I am a big fan of The Police and followed Sting since his solo foray into soft pop, fusion and jazz – among others with Branford Marsalis – it was really a nice change of his music. I am really excited to see Sting on stage of the Java Jazz with Chris Botti.

IT: Peter Gontha’s tweet Tuesday January 19 mentioned his disappointment on Sting’s cancellation of his participation at the Java Jazz 2016. The next day Dewi Gontha tweeted Sting and Chris Botti reconfirmed their presence. What really happened? Is it because of the Sarinah-Starbuck’s bomb?

PD: Sting is a very busy man; it took some time to arrange his schedule. Chris Botti is as busy; he has performances at Dubai Jazz, Java Jazz and other places. Sting and Chris are good friends; they invite each other to share the stage. Still, it takes time and some management to combine these two big names. No, it has nothing to do with the bomb.  

IT: What other specialties you have in store to laud the 12th Java Jazz?

PD: We have David Foster for the first time in Java Jazz. David is very happy to work with Indonesian talent, he said, “Indonesians have music in their genes.” We have also R&B personage Robin Thicke, French jazz accordionist Richard Galliano, and we have as well Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club the jazz combo that encapsulates Cuba's "musical golden age" between the ‘30s and ‘50s. 

IT: Java Jazz is always interesting since day up to the finale. How do you arrange the mood along the three days of the show?

PD: Friday the opening day, we have big names that will surely guarantee a lot of fans coming. Saturday, it is always the big day where everybody is free and the whole family can go. Sunday, we start with a gospel show around 11.00.


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