Famous for the picturesque peaks of the Alps, rippling lakes and cities that would not look out of place in a fairy tale, Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The inclusion of banking and finance expertise and stunning ski resorts has made Switzerland perfect for business and relaxation. However, Swiss Learning member schools are giving the option of education to adventurous students from around the world.

For 125 years they have sort to create an educational environment based on cultural diversity. They have done this through not only a classroom but also through gaining first-hand experience of different ethnic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds through their holiday camps in both summer and winter. With four languages all sharing an equal part of the linguistic heart of the country, students can experience and learn English, French, German and Italian in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. Upon attending the school students are encouraged to enjoy sports and artistic activities while being surrounded by qualified instructors. They will take part in innovative programs focusing on developing leadership skills, robotics and engineering.

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With more than 100 nationalities represented, the school gives the unique opportunity to experience a life in an international community without the distinction of language, culture, race or religion. Leading to early networking and the chance to grow up and learn in a safe and secure international community. The school motto is ‘to not forget entertainment!’ Therefore, when the education takes a break so do the students with the beauty and adventure of Switzerland all around them. Taking the chance to be part of the Swiss Learning member schools is an unmissable chance that will open doors for the future and grant unique opportunities and achievements. 

To know more about Swiss learning visit https://swisslearning.com or attend their conference event of The Future of Education in a Globalized and Constantly Changing World at Grand Hyatt Jakarta on Tuesday April 30, 2019. Visit here for here for the reservation.