13-14 January, Wonders of the World

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With so many happenings in 2020, there are plenty of cutting-edge innovations in natural sciences and environmental studies. Hence the 2021 IIER 1020th International Conference on Natural Science and Environment (ICNSE) is held to present these discoveries. The virtual conference will be held in Bali and sponsored by the International Institute of Engineers and Researchers (IIER). Learn more about keynote speakers, tentative programmes and other information here.

14-15 January, Business Mixer

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The fields of business management, economic and social sciences are always interlinked. The International Conference on Evolving Trends in Social Sciences and Business Studies brings together the world’s leading scholars and opinion leaders for discussions and presentations. Learn more about these emerging scientific issues and research methodologies here.

Hand In Health

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The past year had seen rapid changes in the health and medical fields due to the coronavirus. As such, the 2021 International Conference on Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences is all the more important to learn about new progress. Academia, practitioners and industry leaders are welcome to meet and share their cutting-edge development news in the field. Register here.

22-28 January, Mind and Body

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Are you a mental health professional who aims to broaden your knowledge with the latest advancements? The Asian Public Mental Health Virtual Congress is the place to learn about the latest works in depression and anxiety. Researchers and leaders from multiple fields in psychiatry and neuroscience are welcome to discuss. With goals to expand research in the larger context and promote discoveries, learn more about the event here.

28 January, Trade Talks

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The coronavirus pandemic had brought impacts and changes to many industries, and among the hardest hit was the hospitality industry. Since many countries depend on tourism for income, how will we recover after the pandemic? Find the answer at Hospitality Indonesia Conference (HIC). Part of the Escom Asia Hospitality Series Events, the gathering will cover a broad range of themes featuring top-notch speakers. For more information, visit here.