The year so far has already brought us to a lot of treats and excitement, and the much-anticipated election night looms. But rather than spend it alone, why don’t you gather all your friends and colleagues around as you participate in an intellectual political discussion about #DebatCapres2019? And with heated competition between President Jokowi and candidate Prabowo, surely a well-mannered evening is necessary to lighten up the mood? So here’s our complete guide on how to host an elegant election-night debate.

Dress code


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It’s an elegant election night we’re having. Surely an evening of political discourse would require a fine dress and a suit, wouldn’t it? You can also set the dress code accordingly with the theme of your party. If you’re taking an easier approach to the night, formal casual attire would be ideal – if it’s a serious tone that you’re aiming for, perhaps a formal dress code with a touch of local craftsmanship like batik. It’s your call.

Right picks of drinks


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Always know what you’re serving. Is it an evening of light jazz and friendly chat that you want or an in-depth serious political discussion? Either way, make sure that you serve something light that will keep your guests light yet sober enough for friendly conversations.

Healthy discussions and arguments


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Before the election presidential debate commences or during the commercial breaks, keep your guests company with healthy discussions and arguments. Make this an opportunity for you and your guests to expand each of your horizons about each respective party.

Cross-party bonding


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Whether it’s Jokowi or Prabowo that you’re rooting for, keep in mind to not group your guests based on their preferred party. This way, both sides can bond and exchange opinions in a friendly manner. It also makes way for more intellectual conversations.

Keep it civilised


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Nobody likes a rowdy evening of yelling, so keep it well-mannered. A great way to do this is to keep everything light-hearted, perhaps with soothing music or jokes. Make your guests as comfortable as they can as all of you indulge in a polite presidential discussion.


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