Asian Games 2018 was a wild whirlwind and a rollercoaster of extreme thrills, adrenalines and sports euphoria that swept over the whole nation. Craziest things happen as hundreds of athletes all over Asia competed in a grand spectacular event held in Jakarta and Palembang. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up with everything that happened during the two-week sporting event, don’t worry for we have listed six of the most crucial highlights on Asian Games 2018. Read on!

Badminton Fever


Photo: Courtesy of INASGOC

The badminton field seemed to be the one that stole the most spotlights during Asian Games 2018. Especially on the viral victory gesture of badminton player, Jonatan Christie. The 20-year-old athlete took off his shirt right after winning the gold medal over Chinese athlete, Chou Tienchen. On the other hand, another badminton player, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting earned the nation’s sympathy and praise for his rigorous matched against Chinese athlete, Shi Yuqi, where Ginting suffered from muscles cramped and had to leave the match during the finals of the men's team competition. Meanwhile, the men’s double final saw Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo competing against another Indonesian team: Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto. The high-intensity match saw Marcus and Kevin as the winner, making them the second Indonesian badminton players who earned gold medals at Asian Games 2018.

Presidential Embrace


Photo: Courtesy of INASGOC

Gold winner pencak silat athlete, Hanifan Yudani, made a shocking gesture as he spontaneously hugged President Jokowi and his opponent, Prabowo. The athlete admitted that he did it as a gesture of togetherness and to show that there was nothing wrong going on between the two presidential candidates. The presidential embrace stir a positive buzz across the country and is definitely one of the sweet highlights from Asian Games 2018.

Indonesia in the 4th Position


Photo: Courtesy of INASGOC

As Asian Games 2018 concluded, Indonesia had won over 98 medals in total, placing it on the 4th position in the leaderboard. This marks a turning point in Indonesia’s history as the highest achievement on Indonesia’s participation so far. The previous best achievement was during Asian Games 1962 in which Indonesia won over 51 medals in total.

Youngest Champion


Photo: Courtesy of INASGOC

Bronze winning 12-year-old athlete, Bunga Nyimas, become the youngest winner in Asian Games 2018. Not only that, the day she received the bronze medal was also the same day her mother had turned 35 on August 29. Bunga had said that even though she failed to win the gold medal, she was pretty happy because she could present the medal as a birthday gift to her mother.

Sweet Engagement

One of the most memorable highlights was also a romantic one. Pencak Silat Athlete Hanifan Yudani, proposed to fellow athlete, Pipiet Kamelia, on live television. The couple had both won gold medals under the same competition. It remarks as the second most viral thing Hanifan did during Asian Games, after hugging both President Jokowi and his opponent, Prabowo. This wasn’t the only engagement during the sporting event either, Hong Kong athlete, Antonio Lam, also proposed her girlfriend, Nicole Wong, right after receiving bronze medal on fencing.


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