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With more than 500 million hours of YouTube videos being watched every day, it isn’t hard to imagine where most consumer Internet traffic could come from. Creating relevant and engaging online marketing is now an important part of your marketing strategy. However, although video content is more accessible now, it can be hard to maintain once you’ve started. To get you started on the right track, here are 10 practical tips to create good quality video content, consistently.

Start with your existing customers

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The best starting point for businesses that want to create video content is to make videos for existing clients. Focus on providing relevant knowledge that will educate your consumers, especially information that could improve their lives.

Make video scheduling your priority

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To make consistent video productions, start with the right schedule for you. By creating a schedule, it will act as a roadmap that not only keeps your ideas organised, but it will also remind you of the deadline you have set, giving a sense of urgency. It will allow you to keep a regular audience, too, especially if you communicate your video release dates to your audience. A schedule will also keep you actively planning content in advance.

Lost for ideas? Ask your audience

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If you find yourself lost for video content ideas, why not go right to the source? With plethora of social media for you to utilise, ask your audience what they want and need. A plus point is that you are increasing engagement with your target audience, too.

Don’t focus on the number of viewers

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One rule to remember is to not obsess over the number of people who watch your videos. Instead, train your eyes on the audience that you’re serving. Emphasise on creating a community of like-minded people and make sure to engage regularly with that community.

Make the introduction memorable

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One-fifth of viewers will leave a video within 10 seconds if they’re not interested in what they see, so it stands to reason to make an interesting introduction to keep their attention. Remember the three i’s for a good introduction: inspiring, intriguing, and informative. If you fulfilled all of these, you’re all set.

Focus on your core mission, not your products or services

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Some brands put their focus on their product offerings as well as all its benefits, but to really tug your consumers’ heartstrings, focus on your core mission for the product. Apple, for example, is expert in creating videos that focus on its core mission, which is to “think different”.

Respond to issues that are facing your industry

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If you run a café and there’s an ongoing debate on whether coffee is dangerous for your health, maybe you can create an educational video that talks about the issue. The chances are high that people who love coffee and regularly go to coffee shops are searching for more information on the topic as well, and you can be the source they need. Doing this will simultaneously increase your credibility, too, so double whammy!

Partner up with an expert

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Another effective way in making interesting video content is to find an expert that relates to your audience and industry to communicate your brand message. Let’s say you are the owner of a make-up company; you can invite a well-known make-up artist like Bubah Alfian to give a tutorial on your video channel. Remember that this is an extreme example—another way is to invite someone influential in your local community.

Divide videos into bite-sized parts

With shorter attention spans, you can make your video content go further by breaking it down into small bite-sized pieces with just one main message point per video. Doing it that way will allow you to integrate your social media posts and slowly build interest over time. The main goal is to keep your audience coming back for more and maintain their interest levels. Utilise analytics after every video release to see audience’s reaction so you can tailor the next videos accordingly.

Find your unique format and keep it simple

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When doing a video series, try to simplify production. Video backgrounds and the way you deliver your message can be simple and consistent once you’ve built an overall look and feel. For example, if your video content is usually in interview format, basic props like two chairs and a mic might be the format that you need to keep your focus on the content or message you want to convey. If video production becomes simplified, you can deliver your contents quickly, too.

Finally, all these tips will be useless if you don’t find the courage to start the journey. So don’t worry too much: you’ll learn the most along the journey anyway. Good luck!

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