Recently, the live art performance “Miquel Barceló: Despintura Fònica” took place on the Sansiri Art Barge, which departed from Thailand's first bank, Siam Commercial Bank at Talad Noi Branch Pier, and sailed along Bangkok’s iconic landmark, the Chao Phraya River.

Presented by Thai property developer Sansiri, art lovers were invited to experience a world of Neo-Expressionism by Miquel Barceló, an acclaimed Spanish contemporary artist who is best known for his experimental approach to painting and sculpture. 

07154951-artwithsansiri0P5A3163_resized_2000x1333.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sansiri

Through this event, Sansiri demonstrated its commitment to providing services beyond the traditional real estate landscape and investing in the arts to bring a more human, sustainable and authentic touch to the way people live, work and play.

The initiative to bring in Miquel Barceló, whose most remarkable artistic work includes the dome ceiling of the “Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisation Chamber” at the United Nations’ Palace of Nations in Geneva, reaffirms Sansiri's position as the trendsetter in the real estate market.

07154954-artwithsansiri0312_resized_2000x1333.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sansiri

A novel concept brought to life by Sansiri, the art fiesta welcomed members of the public and VIP guests, who were the first to watch Barceló’s spiritually inspired live painting performance debut in Southeast Asia.

Set on an artistically designed floating barge, the occasion offered spectators an opportunity to witness Barceló’s creative process from scratch on a 20m long canvas, the largest painted medium and the longest performance the artist has ever worked on.

07154952-artwithsansiri0285_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sansiri

The highlight of the live painting session was undoubtedly when the barge paused at Wat Arun (The Temple of the Dawn), which became a breathtaking backdrop for Barceló’s performance, creating a magical, picture-perfect moment.

Inspired by his surroundings, the Neo-Expressionist used light and the natural landscape to create a masterpiece that showcases an impression of the impermanence of life since it starts with nothing and ends with nothing.

Watch the event video below:

Video: Courtesy of Sansiri

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