Nadya Hutagalung has recently published her own book that explores layers of her life and career entitled Walk with Me, and it has already become a must-read among fans and casual readers alike. The book also includes Nadya’s journey in implementing sustainability and thus gaining full support from the pioneer in e-mobility technology, the BMW Group. The book also explores BMW’s groundbreaking inventions to support the cause that Nadya also supports.

Nadya Hutagalung


Photo: Courtesy of BMW

Before you dive into the mind-boggling book, it’s important for you to recognise the iconic face behind the pages. Best known as a figure in modelling and the entertainment industry, Nadya is now a strong activist in environmental preservation and wildlife conservation. As the cover of our September 2018 issue, she was dubbed an “earth mother”, and it looks to us that the eco-warrior earned that title fair and square. With Walk with Me coming out, the public has more layers of insight into the multifaceted inspiring figure.

BMW i3 as the greenest vehicle in the world


Photo: Courtesy of BMW

There are so many things covered in the book and one of the most extraordinary ones is none other than the world’s greenest vehicle, the BMW i3, which will soon be launched in Indonesia. The innovation started 10 years ago when a group of designer, vehicle architect, product developer, marketing specialist, and financial expert met to rethink mobility and attempt to solve the challenges of our times such as climate change, resource scarcity, and issues surrounding megacities, thus creating the root of the aforementioned vehicle, “project i”. Nadya can also be seen in chapter three posing side-by-side with the groundbreaking vehicle.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Photo: Courtesy of BMW

As the pioneering brand that brought electric vehicles onto the global stage, BMW Group has become the first automotive manufacturer to sell Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) in Indonesia. It aims to bring a new understanding of premium mobility services that is strongly defined to support sustainability. The BMW i3, for instance, is a fully electric vehicle that has zero emission and contains materials that are 95 per cent recyclable.

'Walk With Me'


Photo: Courtesy of BMW

Myriad aspects regarding Nadya’s life are also explored within the book and are represented as various elements of life in chapters from Mist, Seeds, Mirror, Bamboo, Ocean, Spice, and Soil. Those elements were selected carefully by Nadya to embody her career of more than 30 years. “What I know is that we can learn from other people's experiences and learn to empathize with the experience, even though the experience is far from our lives and backgrounds,” said Nadya during her book launch.

BMW’s future initiatives


Photo: Courtesy of BMW

Expect more to come from the groundbreaking BMW Group as it has announced that various activities have been initiated to nurture an electric-vehicle 360° ecosystem in Indonesia. One of the activities includes collaborating with Pertamina and PLN to partner in an event in socialising emissions-free mobility along with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of ESDM, as well as the Ministry of Transport. Kudos!

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