The largest contemporary art market and exhibition in the country ART|JOG returned once again from May 19th until June 19th in Yogyakarta. The month-long exhibition is held at the Jogja National Museum and marked its tenth edition since its inception in 2008.

With a myriad of exciting line-up from talented artists (59 artists this year), both from local and international scenes, that offer a new and unique experience of art-related programmes available on its three floor exhibition gallery, it only make sense for us to give you the highlights from the on-going ART|JOG 2017. Here are the things you need to know about.


The curatorial theme for ART|JOG tenth edition is “Changing Perspective” which aims to question individuals recent perspective and at the same time to challenge the participating artists to “provoke the production of art”. The change in perspective will be applied by the artists to their works in which will not solely be based from a technical aspect, but also in their interpretations that hopefully will enhance and achieved beyond what the audience have had experienced until now, as quoted from the Jakarta Post.

Wedhar Riyadi

For those who have attended the 2017 ART|JOG it’s hard not to notice the large balloon installations decorated with floating giant eye balls, aptly titled Floating Eyes, at the main façade of Jogja National Museum. The commissioned work was created by young emerging Indonesian artist Wedhar Riyadi who is known to explore the psychological relation as the result of contradictive symbols. His works are identical with bright colours and the “eye” that he has chosen represents the awareness of public eyes, while the reflection and movement of the water in the pool will give the audience to see the reflection of the environment around them. Amazing!

Setan Jawa

The silent black-and-white film Setan Jawa by director Garin Nugroho was included in ART|JOG’s special programme, which was screened at the Auditorium Sanata Dharma. The silent Indonesian film featured a live-gamelan orchestra performed by Rahayu Supanggah in collaboration with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The film tells the story of a young poor man who made a deal with the devil to marry an aristocrat in twentieth century Java. The film was previously screened at many international film festivals across the globe.

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Nicholas Saputra & Angki Purbandono

Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra teamed up with artist Angki Purbandono where together they presented an art installation titled Post Jungle – Tangkahan: a project made up of photography, writing and videos that revolve around the lives of elephants in Tangkahan, North Sumatera.  The project aims to raise awareness on Indonesian environmental issues and the decline of the Sumatran elephants, in which is aligned with this year’s ART|JOG’s theme: Changing Perspective.

Ronald Ventura

World renowned Philippines artist Ronald Ventura is among the numerous other international artists who participated at the tenth edition of ART|JOG. This year, Ronald presented 12 statuettes in various forms, such as creature with human and animal hybrid features that aimed to question the supremacy view of human behaviour. 

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