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Photo Courtesy of YELLO Hotel Paskal

Managed under Tauzia Hotels Management, YELLO Hotel Paskal—a three-star, affordable hotel—has officially opened in Bandung. Matching the hotel’s concept and approach to art-based hospitality, YELLO Hotel Paskal presents OFF DA WALL: a special art venue in the hotel that merges art designs and technology to bring a unique experience for guests. And in conjunction with the grand opening, YELLO Hotel Paskal is also presenting a unique street art competition organised to celebrate the creativity of street artists.


Photo Courtesy of YELLO Hotel Paskal

The street art competition is a significant moment for the art community, especially for Indonesian artists. Around 70 artists will be participating in the competition. However, only 25 finalists will be selected to perform live painting on a canvas with the theme of Paris Van Java, highlighting the rich history of Bandung.

YELLO Hotel Paskal will be handing over a total of Rp20 million in prizes for the winners. The first winner will receive Rp10 million, while the second winner will receive Rp5 million. The third winner will receive Rp3 million and the remaining four finalists will each receive Rp 500,000. 


Photo Courtesy of YELLO Hotel Paskal

The event will also see the unveiling of a total of six murals from a collaborative effort between four international artists: Ceet from France, Julien Soone from France, Markus Genesius from Germany, and Rebecca O’Brien from the US. This in addition to four Indonesian artists: Stereoflow, OlderPlus, Yellow Dino, and Andre 14 K. By holding this mural collaboration, YELLO Hotel Paskal is aiming to take Indonesian artists to an international level. 

“YELLO Hotels brings a new concept in the hospitality industry with its approach to urban style. We hope that this hotel can offer a place of creativity for the youth and urban art lovers. And we hope that YELLO Hotel Paskal can provide a fresh approach as an economical hotel with great service and facilities,” said Widia Anggreni, YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung’s General Manager.


Photo Courtesy of YELLO Hotel Paskal

"The artistic and cultural collaboration between Off The Wall Jakarta and YELLO Hotels is my work of passion on urban art and my way to express myself along with highly talented mural artists, international and national scale," said Claire Thibaud-Piton, Curator & Executive Producer of Mural Exposition and Facade YELLO Hotel Paskal, Bandung.

Located on Pasir Kaliki Street in Bandung, YELLO Hotel Paskal is a three-star hotel under TAUZIA Hotels group. It opened on April 27 and was inaugurated on May 4. The hotel is located inside Paskal Hypersquare and is connected to Paskal 23, making it accessible to various shopping and culinary destinations. It is also strategically located as it’s only 10 minutes away from Bandung train station. The new hotel features 150 rooms and three meeting rooms that can accommodate some 25-100 people.

YELLO Hotel Paskal also offers unique experiences, such as a Netzone, a Gaming Station, and a Chill Spot at the lobby. Fully equipped with a modern infinity pool, guests can enjoy views of the city while taking a dip. Meanwhile, the hotel’s 24/7 restaurant Wok’N’Tok serves street-food-inspired menus such as Rendang Fried Rice with Smashed Chicken as well as in-room delivery.

Celebrating local artists and offering a unique approach to hospitality, YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung makes for ideal location for modern travellers who want a different experience during their stay in the magnetic city.

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