With the world getting used to the idea of a digital world, Jakarta is just getting started. With various initiatives by the private and government sectors, many start-ups have started to show their horns with their incredible initiatives and ideas that have the potential to disrupt the negative aspects we see in Indonesia. Check them out below!


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As the main cause of eye illnesses and blindness, cataracts are a nationwide problem in Indonesia. The low level of early detection is caused by the lack of eye doctors in small villages in Indonesia. The app is simple to use and users will get a 75-85 per cent chance of detecting cataracts. The whole technology is built by machine-learning and AI. As the winner of The NextDev 2017, hopefully this app will make people become more aware of their eye health and prompt them to have a check-up if they notice anything amiss after using this app.



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Halofina is a financial technology start-up headquartered in Bandung. It was created in 2017 by entrepreneur Adjie Wicaksono. Halofina provides personal financial assistance through a chatbot engine and AI technology to help users manage their money and investments. As the winner of Lintasara Appcelerate 2017, hopefully Halofina can increase financial literacy and financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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Mall Sampah

Photo: Courtesy of Mall Sampah

Mall Sampah is the pioneer of online waste management services in Indonesia. Its mission is to achieve zero waste in Jakarta by creating a service where it recycles waste from either a home or an office environment. Other services include the selling of waste, the donation of waste and the selling of recycled materials. Mall Sampah also actively creates green movements starting from zero waste events, expeditions to clean beaches and mountains, and many more. As the winner of the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup award, hopefully Mall Sampah can encourage people to manage their waste better and to be more conscious when it comes creating waste.



Photo: Courtesy of Hubud

Hubud is a collaborative working space in Ubud, Bali. It lets people work together in the heart of Ubud. It provides the necessary facilities to encourage collaboration and to create productive environments for people to work in and find ideas. Not only a co-working space, it also provides co-living space and co-learning spaces that encourage collaborative work. As the winner of ASEAN Rice Bowl Award 2017, hopefully Hubud can encourage the development of more space where people can work comfortably and productively.

Garda Pangan

Photo: Courtesy of Garda Pangan

Through Garda Pangan, you can participate in a movement to solve the food scarcity issue in Indonesia, Garda Pangan allows you to donate additional food that you don’t need to people who need it. You can also give recommendations to people who need the service through the platform, so that we can help reduce starvation and food scarcity in Indonesia. As the winner of Tempo choice of start-ups 2017, hopefully Garda Pangan can resolve issues surrounding food waste and food scarcity in Indonesia by developing places with additional food to be transferred to places where food is needed.

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Camp on farm

Photo: Courtesy of Camp on Farm

Camp on farm is an integrated ecotourism idea that is designed to connect citizens and local farmers. It provides a win-win solution because it helps to give extra income to local farmers and provide educational and entertaining ecotourism for people. Citizens will get the opportunity to visit coffee farms or dairy farms to learn more about what the farmers do. As the winner of Tempo choice of start-ups 2017, hopefully Camp on farm can let people appreciate the works that farmers do and support the Indonesian agriculture system.



Lindungi Hutan

Photo: Courtesy of Lindungi Hutan

Lindungi hutan is a platform on which people can donate money for the preservation of nature. It has various campaigns where you can help by either donating money or by becoming a volunteer on the programs. Through the website, users can live track the donations of trees and the full information of each campaign. It is a platform for crowdsourcing and green movements for Indonesian forests by utilising the Internet of Things. As the winner of Tempo choice of start-ups 2017, hopefully Lindungi Hutan can make people come together to preserve the forests of Indonesia.



Ahli jasa

Photo: Courtesy of hitsss.com

Ahli jasa is an on-demand household service. Some services it provides include household-related services, home cleaning and air-conditioning services. Its laundry service guarantees that the clothes won’t get lost or damaged. It also provides free delivery and fixed prices. Its vision is to use technology and smart operational processes to elevate the standard of the personal and household services market in Indonesia. As the winner of Startuppedia ASEAN Challenge 2016, hopefully Ahli Jasa can help busy people organise their households easier.

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Photo: Courtesy of Pasienia

Pasienia is an application that connects patients with similar illnesses so that they can share and help each other. It also provides the latest news on health from trusted sources. You can share your own stories as well and give support to your friends via Pasienia. By joining as a member of Pasienia, you will also get special discounts for various health services. Pasienia is basically a social media and educational platform for patients all around the world. As the winner of Google Business Group Stories, hopefully Pasienia can help patients all over the world to feel more supported and connected with peers with similar stories.


Photo: Courtesy of Bizhare

Bizhare.id is an investment platform that allows you to invest in businesses that have operated for some time or get the chance to open new businesses and achieve profit-sharing from those business via an equity crowdsourcing system. On the other hand, for business owners that have already run their businesses for some time, they can share their ownership with investors to get cash injections to allow them to expand their businesses. As the winner of Tempo choice of start-ups 2017, hopefully it will allow existing businesses to get capital much easier and enable them to expand quickly and largely. For investors, the advantages are the ownership of profitable business and the chance to earn passive income.

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