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LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is a digital tool that entrepreneurs can use to accelerate their business. Whether you are looking to generate leads, create brand awareness, or build strategic partnerships, LinkedIn can link your business and brand with millions of professionals worldwide. It is more than just a social networking site on which you post your professional credentials. Here are 10 ways to use LinkedIn to boost your business to a new level.

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1. Build a searchable company profile

The reason you need to create a company profile is to allow you to focus on information that relates to your company only. Clearly and briefly write down what your company is about in the company profile section. Remember to use the right keywords—words and phrases that a potential customer will be searching for when looking for a product or service—as this will help your company appear at the top of search lists. Lastly, putting links to your company website is imperative to boosting your rankings in searches.

2. Always update your LinkedIn

Utilise the status update feature on your profile to continuously update anything related to the business, such as news announcements, special promotions, and links relating to your business. It is essential to use this option often and strategically. Additional updates that you should include are recently completed projects, new collaborations, news coverage, creative tips, or products. and anything that exhibit your business as an active and serious operation.

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3. Build great content

Treat LinkedIn as you treat your company website or blog. All content must be optimised to reach your target audience, and be sure to write content that demonstrates the capabilities of your company. Also, be mindful of the visual elements on your company profile, starting with placing your company logo on the profile image. Although LinkedIn is not a visual platform, having a neat layout with all the necessary visuals increases the attractiveness and professional feel of your profile page. 

4. Engage with groups

If you are already a member of a LinkedIn group, you need to take advantage of such memberships by actively engaging in group discussions. Whenever you participate inside group discussion, other members can see your photo and name, so include a short signature that includes your business or company information for additional indirect promotion.

 5. Create a group

You can build your own LinkedIn group with a topic of interest associated with your business. Once you have made a group, you can jumpstart a discussion and make sure that members know what your business is all about. This company-branded group can be used to facilitate dialogue about your industry and is also an excellent tool to raise brand awareness.

6. Don’t ignore the Recommendations function

Boost your business by utilising the Recommendations function where you can actively ask satisfied clients to provide testimonials on your business page. These testimonials are listed on your company profile indefinitely unless a client requests for their removal. Recommendations can become a great “proof of excellence” tool.

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7. Utilise LinkedIn Polls

Get into the brains of your target audience, business partners, or employees through LinkedIn polls. LinkedIn Polls is a feature that allows you to build polls and share them with pertinent groups in your network. The great thing about this feature is that it allows you to view and evaluate real-time results to get a sneak peek at what people are thinking. 

8. Be a credible source in the Question feature

The Question feature allows people to post questions for other LinkedIn members to answer. Frequently answer questions that you are knowledgeable about so that you and your business are seen as more credible and reliable.

9. Create a Buzz

Utilise one of LinkedIn’s feature, Company Buzz, to record what is being said about your company on LinkedIn and Twitter. Having this information will help you respond quickly to any comments made on your business. Additionally, it also provides a way to measure the impression of your brand on these social networking platforms.

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10. Utilise Analytics

It is easier to build interesting content when you are aware of which content reverberates with specific audience groups. If you want to maximise your free campaign performance, there is LinkedIn Company Page analytics, along with analytics for publishing on LinkedIn.

You can also enhance your paid campaign performance with LinkedIn Campaign Manager analytics, which includes a tracker for conversion. Monitoring your Linked analytics dashboards on a daily basis will aid you in making data-informed decisions that usually lead to better results.


LinkedIn is not just a professional networking platform, it can bring your business to a new height if you know how to use it correctly. So be a voracious reader, gather more knowledge as much as you can about ways in which LinkedIn can promote your business and apply that to your business and see it flourish.

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