Mark your calendars, because FinFest 2018 is ready to educate you about everything you need to know about financial technology. What is FinFest? Read on to find out.

The FinTech Festival (FinFest) has been established to educate Indonesians regarding developments in financial technology (FinTech). The event aims to become a platform to give the opportunity for stakeholders in financial technology to gather and share their knowledge. Organised by Mobiliari Group, publisher of Indonesia Tatler, this year’s FinFest theme is “How Technology Drives The Financial Industry”.

The subject matter is influenced by the global and innovative technological developments that have occurred in the finance sector. It has been proven that these developments can positively contribute to the growth of Indonesian money markets. In fact, fintech companies have grown and significantly impacted the finance sectors in Indonesia already.

With this in mind, the Fintech Festival is aimed at giving people more access to financial commodities, to simplify transactions, and to increase financial literacy. In today’s digital age, people are seeking easy access and convenience. They want to manage transactions via digital platforms and applications. Such exercises include managing their finances, whether that’s observing and tracking their spending, applying for a loan, or upgrading their investment strategies.

FinFest 2018 will take place at the Soehanna Hall in The Energy Building on March 29 and run from 9am to 5pm. There will be up to six sessions per day with each an hour long. The speakers range from successful entrepreneurs to reputable C-level executives and notable experts from fintech and related industries. Here are three more reasons why you should attend FinFest 2018.

1. Get facts from the experts


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Attending FinFest 2018 will give you the opportunity to hear and acquire knowledge from business leaders and fintech experts. This includes figures from banks, insurance companies, disruptive start-ups, and more. Getting to meet and hear them in person makes the experience better as you get to acquire instant knowledge. In addition, you will learn more about leadership, the latest trends in fintech, and more insider insights.

 2. Get familiar with future trends


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The curated talk shows at FinFest 2018 also cover future trends in financial technology. To be familiar with forecasted trends in fintech is important, especially for those who are working in technology. This also applies to people who are looking into being a part of the industry, including as an investor or looking for investment.

 3. Get networking


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FinFest 2018 is an event at which many notable business people will gather; therefore, it’s an opportunity for attendees to build up useful contact information. Meeting people from the industry will benefit your work and your future endeavours. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to these key business figures to acquire more insights.

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