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Nicoletta Mantovani, the former wife of the late Luciano Pavarotti, visited Jakarta in November as part of the Pavarotti Forever tour held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the maestro’s passing.

Supported by Ciputra Artpreneur, the tour encompassed a performance of musical pieces Pavarotti became renown for and a showcase of his personal items, such as his signature scarves and bright, tropical red shirt.

 Besides sharing the life of Pavarotti through music, Nicoletta dispensed three lessons on self-improvement that everyone could learn from the legendary tenor.

 1. Talent alone is not enough. Perseverance and self-sacrifice are equally important.

Pavarotti was dedicated to his art. He practiced consistently and took measures to ensure that he was always on peak performance. According to Nicoletta, one of the most significant memorabilia items on display were the scarves he often wrapped around his neck to protect his throat.

 “He was terrified of losing his voice,” she noted.

 2. Never stop considering yourself as a student. Be humble and study every day even when you consider yourself as “arrived”.

Nicoletta recounted that Pavarotti was his own biggest critic. After every concert, Pavarotti would reflect on his own performance, noting the points that he needed to improve.

 “After every concert, he will give a remark on himself,” she said.

 3. You do not have to compete against your peers. You only have to compete with yourself. The struggle is against your limitations—trying to overcome them and make a little step every day.

 The rapturous applause of the audience at the end of his concerts did not sway Pavarotti into ceasing his self-improvement.

 “He was always competing with himself.”

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