Throughout our interview with influential female entrepreneurs over the years, we find a common theme that these amazing ladies bosses always emphasize: persistence and following up on your passion. From Petra Nemcova to home-grown entrepreneurs like Shinta Kamdani and Imelda Harsono, they mostly contribute their success to persistence and passion in their work. Read their inspirational and motivational quotes below!

 Shinta Kamdani

“In all that I do, if I never give up, if I continue fighting, then I will definitely make it. It pays to be daring, and to never give up. I have failed many times, and it is only because I choose to keep fighting that I am where I am today.”-Shinta Kamdani, Managing Director of Sintesa Group

 Imelda Harsono

“When you are at your lowest, you can give up or power through. When you power through and beat your fears, I think that’s’ what real success is,”-Imelda Harsono, Board of Directors of Samator

 Petra Nemcova

“Persevere. While you may not accomplish something on your first try, try and try again. Approach it with a different angle after each failure, and eventually you will achieve your goals and dreams.” Petra Nemcova(model, television host and founder of Happy Hearts Fund).

Dina Rimandra

"I believe in the saying that there is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than to follow your passion in a way that serves the world and serves you,"-Dina Rimandra, Managing Director of PT. Artha Bintang Gemilang

 Shinta Dhanuwardoyo

“I always told young start-up founders, ”You have to create a start-up because you want to solve a problem and that you are passionate about it.”- Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, Head of Digital Business, E-Commerce and Startups at KADIN

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