With soaring opportunities for start-ups, Indonesia is churning out many quality businesses that we couldn’t be more excited about. Among these, we are also catching up with the latest advancement in technology, like artificial intelligence or AI. These AI services are taking the country by storm, gaining massive traction every single day. Read on to know more about many of Indonesia’s most promising AI start-ups.


Starting the list, we have Indonesia’s most popular “conversational AI” platform, which was founded in 2015. The company has taken US$3.5m in funding so far, and it has every reason to be confident in its business. According to a published case study, conversational AI has gained massive interest in Indonesia such as in Unilever’s and Telkomsel’s chatbots, which have gained millions of interactions. The study also states that most customer inquiries can be easily managed by AI with minimum human interaction needed.


23348150_159929341413458_2600188190434263040_n.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Dattabot

Formerly known as Mediatrac, Dattabot, which was founded in 2013, is a data analytics company that has gathered the most comprehensive data library in Indonesia. The first projects done by Dattabot were also very intriguing and show how capable this AI service can be. For instance, in one of Indonesia’s largest telecom providers, the company realised that 90 per cent of the accounts were prepaid. Dattabot used AI to better know the customers and solve the company’s problems.


One of the most problematic dilemmas companies have found about their products is how they sell out offline and the demographics behind this. Seeing the problem and having the initiative to collect massive purchase data and analyse it for real-time insights for big companies, Snapcart emerged with brilliant potential. Having taken US$14.7m in funding, it collects data by offering cashback for every single receipt users upload to its servers.


Another AI start-up for data analytics is Nodeflux, which offers AI services to develop Indonesia’s first video analytics platform. With the support of Telkom Indonesia and a partnership with NVIDIA, it offers video analytics to companies like GO-JEK, which uses Nodeflux to monitor CCTV cameras in Jakarta to track its fleet of scooters at any given time.


prosa.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Prosa.ai

Being the youngest on our list, this AI start-up packs huge potential in the market. Established just last year, Prosa.ai was developed by local experts in AI for Natural Language Processing in text and speech. The company has been funded by some of the most notable venture capitalists in the country and already offers subscription pricing on its website.


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