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Rudiantara, as Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, predicts that in 2019, Indonesia will have more than five unicorn start-ups—meaning start-ups with valuation of more than US$1bn. However, not a lot of people know that the disparity between prominent start-ups and smaller start-ups has grown bigger.

To bridge the gap, start-up accelerator Digitaraya is partnering up with Google Developers Launchpad to create a programme that combines the best early-stage start-ups in Indonesia with Google’s best resources. The first batch consists of eight rising start-ups that focus on six different sectors in Indonesia: education, logistics, health, and fintech. We’ve listed them below.

Arkademy (education)

A platform intended to improve the capabilities of vocational high-school students to enable them to satisfy industry standards.

Modal Rakyat

A P2P lending platform for rural markets delivered via agents.


A cellular application that acts as blood donation platform for millennials and cellular users.

Neurosensum (information technology)

A platform for consumer research based on technology in neuroscience and sensory analysis.

KiniBisa (education)

A site that provides material and high-quality information to lead to a competent generation.

Riliv (health)

A delivery application that becomes the intermediary between individuals and psychologists to help them find solutions for life problems.

Gelora Olahraga Asia (information technology)

 A platform to find locations and friends for sports.


International delivery with the best express couriers in the world.

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