Leitz Park, where the latest Leica camera launched

Located some 45 minutes away from Frankfurt airport and in the Hesse region in Germany is a town called Wetzlar: the town where Leica came to life in 1914 thanks to the world-famous Ernst Leitz. On October 20, 2015, Indonesia Tatler was honoured to witness a global event at the Leica Camera AG Headquarters at Wetzlar’s Leitz Park for the unveiling of the brand’s latest masterpiece— the Leica SL (type 601).

Leica returned to Wetzlar, Germany’s home of optical engineering excellence, in February 2014 with the extravagant opening of its camera-shaped headquarters. This fascinating theme park offers Leica enthusiasts, fans of photography, and visitors from all over the world exciting insights into the world of Leica.

 Dr Andreas Kaufmann and Oliver Kaltner

Chairman of Leica Camera, Dr Andreas Kaufmann, and CEO of Leica Camera, Oliver Kaltner, say that the new Leica SL was created to bridge the visible gap between the M series and the S series.

“Back in the day, professional photographers as well as amateur photographers who shot professionally went for the R series because of its reflex system,” says Dr. Andreas. “Similarly, such photographers are currently heading towards the Leica SL for its ‘mirrorless’ system.”

 The latest Leica camera

With the mirrorless Leica SL, Leica has introduced an entirely new system that has never before been developed in its facility. A new system at Leica Camera only means that the life cycle of the product is an uncountable number of years.

 “Leica is committed to delivering products that can be used for a long time,” concludes Oliver.