Having founded PT Anugerah Sawindo, the Alam Group and Cemara Asri Real Estate—all based in Medan, North Sumatera—is not enough for the wisely wizened Hajj Anif. He then founded and runs the Haji Anif Foundation and the Anugerah Pendidikan Indonesia Foundation—plus, Hajj has helped set up a few schools in villages around Medan, as well as pay the teachers and gift scholarship to students. “Success comes from the One above,” Hajj Anif says. “The blessings received must continue down the stream to others around us.”

 Hajj Anif’s generous disposition continues on as he leads the many employees around him. “I try to be sincere and caring in leading without offending anyone or using guile in dealing,” he says. Even so, rumours and whispers still circulate around the Hajj and his good deeds, such as the recent donation of a lecture building in the Universitas Islam Negeri in Medan. “I just keep on going to do what’s good in consideration as a commitment to my religion,” Hajj Anif adds. As such, success for him means happiness by helping those around him from family to friends, workers and society.

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