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Most people use computers as a means of wasting time through things like social media or constant checking to see interesting contents or as simple as what the grumpy cat is up to. For creative artists, a computer means so much more than just a machine. For most of them, a computer is how they will make a living. From writing, sketching, drawing to editing, artists put a great deal of strain on computer system. So, it’s not a secret that an artist needs to put computers through a vetting process before making a decision.

While many people prefer to use a desktop for their heavy work, whether it's working in the field or carrying it for meetings, sometimes we just need to be mobile. In those times, it is very important to get a reliable laptop that can handle the work we need to get done while still being portable.

If you are working in a creative field, you definitely need a machine that has both ample power and performance, with style for good measure and HP Spectre Folio can adapts to your everyday needs without hassle. Here is why:

HP Spectre Folio Embodies An Exceptional Craftmanship


When buying laptop, gorgeous design makes as much of a different than any of its features. How so? The HP Spectre Folio is built from durable chrome-tanned leather and features precise artisan-inspired workmanship. Encased in 100% genuine leather, the HP Spectre Folio is crafted with a thin, fanless design that adapts to your lifestyle.

If you are an active, young entrepreneur and love and appreciate arts, the luxurious cognac brown gives classy and modern touch to the HP Spectre Folio that could fit to your everyday style as a statement fashion accessory.

Equipped with Corning Gorilla 4 Glass touchscreen, HP Spectre Folio is resistance to scratch and stands up to all the daily abuse a touch screen takes.

HP Spectre Folio Comes With Comfortable designs

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HP strives to meet all of its users’ needs by providing them with a laptop that not only fits to the style, but also best optimal experience. Equipped with an attachable pen loop, HP Spectre Folio offers a seamless shift between performance and creativity built in comfort, allowing users to write, draw and compute with flexibility.

For the creative mind out there, HP Spectre Folio can be turned into a canvas. The simultaneous pen and touch supports allow the users to put down their ideas into sketches with no hassle.

Everything’s Within The Reach

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Engineered with user adaptability in mind, the HP Spectre Folio embodies the graceful flow of positions that eliminates the fatigue factor. Stay productive in laptop position, fold the screen and use HP pen in tablet position, or slide the screen forward for entertainments.

All the HP’s Spectre Laptop line boasts futuristic versatility that keeps productivity high. Adaptable to your many processing needs, the HP Folio laptop features full-size edge-to-edge illuminated keyboard that is comfortable in darker environment settings.

To elevate your entertainment experience, HP Spectre Folio comes with HP Quad Speakers, HP Audio Boost and expert tuning by Bang & Olufsen that gives you rich audio quality.

No More Back And Shoulder Pain


Weighing just 3.2 lbs and measuring 0.6-inch thin, the HP Spectre Folio is the ultimate on-the-go lightweight computer. This 13-inch powerhouse fits comfortably in tote bags and backpacks without weighing you down. Pack all your computing essentials without breaking any straps or worrying about aching in your back.

Next level durability

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Built for productivity, the HP Spectre Folio delivers fast performance experience with the latest eight-generation Intel Core i7 processor and memory of up to 16GB with options up to 1TB.

Beautiful and smart; HP Spectre Folio has up to 18 hours of battery life that lets you stay productive all day. Whether it’s long business meetings or a deadline week, HP Spectre Folio can charge from zero percent battery life to 50 percent on a 30-minute charge.

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